March 17th, 2017 by maria

Happy Friday! In today’s video I’m sharing tips on how to afford luxury items. Buying luxury pieces can seem overwhelming, but you don’t necessarily have to overspend to land some great pieces. When it comes to purchasing luxury, I take a holistic approach and really think about how the investment fits into my lifestyle. Sometimes it can actually make sense to buy that one designer bag that will last you forever versus buying a few lower-priced ones that won’t stick around in your closet for too long. It’s all about quality over quantity to me. I’m also always open to buying gently used pieces that you can get at a major discount. Check out this video for more tips and tricks!

xo, Maria

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14 comments for How I Afford Luxury.

    1. Hi Sarah – ugh ebay can be tough! Sorry you had that experience. I’ve used the Purse Forum community ( to have them verify bags I find on ebay for free. They’re great! I’ve also purchased from Hara & Co. and LUXR & Co.
      xx, Maria

  1. Great advice – thanks for sharing!!! I’ll absolutely have to start looking into 2nd hand…

    Tiffany P.
    New Brunswick, NJ

    Tiffany P. on   /   Reply
  2. You made some really great points! Your video was helpful! If you don’t mind me asking which Louis Vuitton handbag is it that you own and use everyday?

    Kristin Clark on   /   Reply
    1. Hi Kristin,

      Thanks so much for watching! I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in the Damier print. xx, Maria