July 6th, 2017 by maria

In this week’s video I’m reviewing my new hair extensions by Beauty Works. These are the best extensions that I’ve used yet. I can’t say enough good things about them! To hear me gush more about them and to see how I clip them in, check out the video above.

I’m wearing the color ‘Mocha Melt‘ (22″ Double Set). If you are interested in purchasing, use code “Maria10” for 10% off.

Here are some of my favorite hair products lately:

Olaplex Hair Perfector
Kerastase Volumifique Thickening Shampoo
Kerastase Rinse Out Conditioner
Kerastase Strengthening Milk
Gisou Hair Oil

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

Striped Top (wearing an S)

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2 comments for My New Hair Extensions.

  1. Will you please do a video on how you curl “style” your extensions? If you already have a video can you provide the link.
    Curious to know how well these new extensions hold curl. I find my Bellami do not hold curl that well.

    Rashell on   /   Reply
    1. Hi! I have a video coming next week all about how I curled them the first time. It does take a few times to really get them to curl. I also recommend using styling products (dry shampoo or a thickening spray) to roughen them up a bit. Once they’re a little coarser, they’ll hold curl better. More to come soon! xo, Maria