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2014 Recap: A Year To Remember.

 2014 was an amazing year and one I’ll always remember. We finally tied the knot after 8 years of dating and traveled to some amazing places I’d only dreamed of visiting. I feel so blessed looking back on the past year. A few years ago I never would’ve imagined we could be where we are today. It’s amazing how quickly life can change (and for the better) in such a short period of time. 
We were able to have the wedding of our dreams with the people that matter most to us standing by our sides. Our wedding day was certainly my favorite day of 2014. I’m not sure that our daily lives have changed so much since we’ve gotten married, but knowing that we have so many life events to look forward to together is beyond exciting. 
 Our honeymoon was certainly a dream come true. We’d always talked about going to Bora Bora together, but I don’t think either of us actually thought it’d happen. It is by far the most beautiful island we’ve ever been to and we’re already itching to go back. 
 This year we committed to traveling more especially in the beautiful state we live in, California. We still feel new to the state although we’ve lived here for nearly five years. Since we travel so much, we really only spend about half of the year here so there’s always something “new” to us. 
One of our favorite getaways is Palm Springs. 
 We FINALLY went to Napa too! It was beyond beautiful and we can’t wait to go back. 
 Catalina Island was another local destination we were able to knock off our list. It was quite cold when we went, but such a cute island. 
A bucket list trip we took this fall was to China. Phil was lucky enough to be invited back to play piano for the China Open and the Shanghai Open so we spent a week in Beijing and Shanghai. We really enjoyed both spots, but seeing the Great Wall was a dream come true and taking an alpine slide down the wall was an experience we’ll never forget.  
Of course we’ve been to Disneyland a bunch of times, but we’d never visited during Christmas together. It really was a magical experience!
 Spending Christmas back home in Minnesota is a tradition for us. Every year, my husband, Phil puts on an amazing charity show for Christmas. This year, for the first time, it was completely sold out and his performance was better than ever. I’m so proud of the accomplishments he’s achieved. It’s a privilege to be married to such a determined man who pushes me to chase my dreams too. Our Savior’s birthday is always a humbling time to remember all that God has planned for us.
As we look to a new year ahead, I’m so excited to see what our journey will bring. 
Wishing everyone a joyous new year!
xo, Maria
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