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My Guide To Buying A Gucci Belt


fashion blogger wearing a black women's gucci beltIf there’s one thing in my wardrobe that I wear most, it has to be my Gucci belt. I often get asked about sizing (regarding fit and width) so I thought I’d share a full guide on buying one. My Gucci belt has become a classic wardrobe accessory that instantly elevates even the most basic outfits and its versatility makes it a great investment. While the hype surrounding the Gucci belt has dwindled down since it was first launched, don’t underestimate the timelessness of this belt. Similar to other designer belts made by Herm├Ęs, Chanel and Louis Vuitton – the Gucci belt is a wardrobe staple that will stand the test of time. I own the belt in three different colors (black, white and pink), but I wear the black one most often. Today I’m sharing everything you need to know when buying a Gucci belt. 


fashion blogger wearing a gucci belt with a blazer

Finding Your Size In The Gucci Belt

When it comes to picking the right size in the Gucci belt, you really have to consider how you’ll wear it most. Are you planning to wear it to cinch dresses in at the waist? Do you plan to wear it with high waisted pants? Do you typically wear lower rise pants and anticipate slinging it around your hips? Or do you want to wear it all three ways (if so, go with the largest recommended size and get additional belt holes added later). 

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a gucci belt for summer

Gucci does offer a size guide on their site (shown below) or you can click on the “Size Guide” next to the color selector here. I went with the high rise sizing guide in the right-hand column. You can also go with a larger size and have it resized at a Gucci boutique for free. I bought my white Gucci belt in a size 75 and had a sales associate at the Gucci boutique in Nordstrom add a couple of extra belt holes for me. That process only took about fifteen minutes. I actually bought my belt from Gucci’s website, but any Gucci boutique will size it for you as long as it’s authentic!

gucci belt sizing guide how to

How I Found My Size In The Gucci Belt

I’m typically a size 24 (or 0) in bottoms and my measurements are a 23″ waist and 32″ hips. My recommended sizes were the 65, 70 and 75 so I ordered all three to try. The smallest of the recommended belts, the size 65, fit well around my natural waist, but was too tight to comfortably wear any lower. The next size up, the size 70, gave me the most flexibility in terms of ways to wear it. It fit well worn around my natural waist, slightly below my navel and when slung around my hips. The size 75 fit best around my hips, however, the smallest belt hole was still too big to comfortably wear around my waist.

I ended up getting a size 70 for my first two Gucci belts and I sized up to a 75 in my white Gucci belt since I bought it to wear mainly with lower rise denim shorts in the summer. As I mentioned above, I had a Gucci sales associate add a few extra belt holes to it so that I could be able to wear it with high waisted bottoms as well. 

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a gucci belt with denim shorts

Choosing the Right Width

The Gucci belt comes in three widths: 0.75,” 1″ and 1.5.” Technically, the 1″ is the men’s version, but Gucci lists in under women’s belts as well. When it comes to choosing what width is best for you, it’s all based on your preference. I personally prefer the widest 1.5″ width belt. The wider belt looks better with denim because it’s the same width as the belt loops of most pants. The smaller 0.8″ width belt is more delicate and looks better with dresses and office attire.

mia mia mine wearing a gucci belt and a balmain blazer

Wide Version – 1.5″ Width

The widest width 1.5″ belt comes in smooth and textured leather, crocodile as well as the classic Gucci canvas print. The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass – newly introduced for 2020. In terms of colors, it comes in black, pink, white, brown and a brand new tan color – which I love.

Medium Version – 1″ Width

The medium width 1″ belt is technically a men’s belt. It comes in smooth leather and canvas. The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass finishes.

Narrow Version – 0.8″ Width

The narrow width 0.8″ belt is the most feminine of the widths. It comes in smooth and textured leather, crocodile and canvas. The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass. In terms of colors, it comes in black, dusty pink, white, brown, tan, red, yellow, blue and pastel pink

fashion blogger wearing a pink gucci belt with a summer outfit

Where To Buy A Gucci Belt

The best place to buy a Gucci belt is through Gucci’s website because they tend to offer the largest selection. When I bought my belts, sizing options were limited so I ended up buying my first Gucci belt at Net-A-Porter, my second one at Nordstrom and my latest belt through Gucci’s website. All three retailers offered free shipping and returns and provided a Gucci dust bag so you really get the same experience at any authorized Gucci seller. Bloomingdale’s is the only site with the newly launched wide width tan color in stock right now.

fashion blogger wearing a white gucci belt with a red chanel bag

What Color To Buy

If I could only buy one, I’d still buy the black one because it goes with everything. The white Gucci belt is my second choice because I get a lot of wear out of that one as well. The brown and pink colors are great if you have a more casual or feminine wardrobe. I’m loving this tan color which just came out for 2020 too.

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

Gucci Belt (wearing a size 70)
Balmain Blazer (better for budget here)
Levi’s Denim Shorts (wearing a 24)
Chanel Medium Flap Bag
Similar Bodysuit
Givenchy Sunglasses

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