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How To Care For Designer Shoes & Bags


fashion blogger mia mia mine in her closet with golden retrievers

You probably already know that I have a love for designer shoes and handbags and that I really believe in investing in quality pieces that will last. Handmade designer pieces inherently last longer than most, but there are extra steps to take to ensure they hold up. Keep scrolling to see how I take care of my designer shoes and handbags.

fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever fashion blogger mia mia mine in her closet

Put Your Pieces On Display

I don’t keep all of my handbags and shoes out in the open, but I do keep my favorite ones out on these bookshelves which makes it easier for me to pull outfits together and forces me to keep my pieces in good enough condition to be on display. I always put these pieces back in their respective spots after wearing them so if the bottoms of my shoes are dirty, I’ll wipe those down before putting them back on the shelf. I know it’s kind of a lot of maintenance, but it makes them last so much longer and they’re pretty to look at!

fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever

Always Travel With Dust Bags

Designer items almost always come up with dust bags and for good reason. You’ll want to store items in them when transporting or traveling with them. I have a drawer full of shoe dust bags and I store my designer handbag dust bags inside of the bags for easy keeping. If the bag is large enough and the leather is more delicate, I’ll even keep the dust bag inside the handbag when I use it. Especially when traveling on an airplane, I’ll put the bag inside of the dust bag before storing it under the seat in front of me.

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Find A Good Cobbler

If you don’t know of a cobbler who specializes in luxury goods in your area, I recommend calling the higher-end department stores near your and asking for a recommendation. My local Nordstrom uses a shop on the opposite end of town for all of their luxury shoe repairs so I use him too! If they’re willing to shop it out to this guy, I figured he must be worth it…and he is!

fashion blogger mia mia mine in her closet with golden retriever

Visit Them After Every Season

After every season (especially winter), I like to take my seasonal pieces to the cobbler to get cleaned. My over-the-knee suede boots are usually in need of a good cleaning after winter and my handbags can always use a professional touch – they come back looking like new after they’re professionally cleaned. The first thing I did after getting my preowned Chanel bag was take it to a well known cobbler in Los Angeles to have it cleaned. With super delicate and valuable bags like a Chanel, you’ll want to take it to someone who specializes in that brand specifically.

christian louboutin heels

Resole Your Shoes Immediately After Purchasing

I try to take my designer shoes to the cobbler to get thin rubber sole protectors put on right away – especially with my Christian Louboutin heels. I want the bottoms to stay red! This is also super important because you don’t want the soles to get so worn down they expose the upper part of the heel – this can often happen with pumps, in particular. Once that happens you really can’t fix the shoe. You can buy sole guards and protectors online, but I prefer to have an experienced cobbler do it to get it perfect. If you’re not careful you could pull the paint of the shoe when applying the adhesive.

fashion blogger mia mia mine with her golden retrievers in her closet

Wipe Down After Using

Depending on the type of leather, I’ll wipe down the exterior of my bags with a handbag wipe or baby wipe especially if I’ve put my bag on the ground anywhere. The same goes for shoes – if needed, I’ll wipe them down after wearing them.

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

Majorelle Pink Sweater
L’Agence Denim (size down)
Christian Louboutin Nude Heels
Chloé Nile Bracelet Bag
Gold Bookcases
IKEA Gold Floor Mirror (sold out, similar here)
Pier 1 Imports Frenchy Mannequin
Gucci Belt (dusty pink color, wearing a size 70)

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