Skin/ Beauty / 06 Feb, 2015

Tutorial: Gel Manicure At Home

Happy Friday! Today I’m switching things up and talking about beauty here on the blog. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to share more beauty tutorials and discussions with you guys as I navigate the world of beauty myself. Lately I’ve been more interested in beauty than fashion and I’m not totally sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m aging? Or maybe it’s just that there’s not a whole lot of compelling fashion out there. 
I’ll confess, I’m one of those girls rarely seen without my makeup on or my hair done–with the occasional exception of when I’ve been up working since 3am and haven’t had a chance to shower until 2pm (yes, there are those kind of days when you work from home). As a kid, I still remember waking up 2 hours earlier than I needed to so that I could spiral curl my hair for an extra hour before school. Ridiculous, I know! I’ve come to blame it on m genes. My great grandmother was the oldest living Avon selling lady (she sold Avon nearly up until her death at 100 years old!). 

On that note, let’s get started. In my FIRST EVER YouTube tutorial, I’m sharing a gel nail hack I found online. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but when I YouTubed it, there wasn’t a whole lot of content out there that didn’t require a UV light. I don’t know about you guys, but putting my hands under a UV light freaks me out a little bit especially since I feel like I got all the exposure to tanning beds that I’ll ever need in my whole life during my teen years (so stupid, I know!). What makes me willing to sacrifice aging my hands by 10 years though is that gel manicures last so long! BUT once they start growing out, they look a little gross and I’m always guilty of going too long in between manicures. 

Anyway, this gel manicure recipe I found is amazing! It lasts 7-10 days without chipping (depending on the polish you choose, I think OPI is one of the longer-lasting ones) AND it comes off easily with regular old nail polish remover! It does still take about 20-25 minutes to complete as it requires 6 coats of paint, but if you don’t have the time, the first three coats will still last you longer than a typical non-gel manicure. The best part about this is that it will save you some serious $$$. All together these products cost me about $35, but they will last you months! Think about that, if you get a gel manicure every other week, you could easily be spending over $500/year, but this, at most, will cost you maybe $100/year if you change up the polish color every now and then. 

xo, Maria

Step One: Top Coat (HARD AS WRAPS by Sally Hansen)
Step Three: Nail Polish (Find Me an Oasis by Essie)
Step Four: REPEAT Gel Top Coat by Gelous
Step Five:
REPEAT Nail Polish (Find Me an Oasis by Essie)Step Six:

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