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Workweek Balance







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Happy Friday! Today I want to talk about finding balance. I personally always have a hard time with this. I work on Wall Street and the hours can be insane (my family and friends can attest to this, thank God they love me anyway). When the weekend rolls around I often find myself picking up the pieces that got ignored all week whether that’s running to the grocery store, doing laundry, cleaning the house or shooting a blog post; let alone finding time to do something fun with my husband. I’m at my worst on a Monday if all I did was what felt like chores all weekend. If my personal life is put on the sidelines all weekend, Phil and I seem less connected, I blame my job for stealing away all my time and I feel like my life is a bit of a cluttered mess. I’ve been really determined to change that without making a radical change. Every day this past week I’ve been writing personal To Do lists and making it a point to do at least one home project/chore each day. That way when the weekend arrives, I won’t have a long list of things I dread doing. Yes, that means less time relaxing in front of the TV or on my phone after work, but I’ve realized those activities really aren’t as relaxing if I constantly have a long list of to-dos running through my head. Of course there was a day or two this week that work ran late and I really didn’t get much personal stuff done, but I’m ok with that. By the way, To Do lists are my thing at work too. One of my old colleagues taught me this and seriously, it works! I love seeing what I all got done at the end of each day.

xo, Maria


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