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Seize The Moment With Macy’s Semi-Annual Diamond Sale.


mia mia mine engagement ringsunsets in new zealandnew zealand sunset If you’re an avid follower, you probably already know that Phil and I are traveling for a month in New Zealand and Australia right now. Phil’s performing aboard a cruise ship and I tagged along to do some blogging opportunities and of course sightsee with my love! Yesterday’s sunset pulling out of Port Chalmers, New Zealand was amazing. It was EXACTLY what I envisioned New Zealand to be. We were both in awe!Mia mia mine new zealandpink sunset new zealandRewind an hour before that and I was stressing about meeting a deadline on an inconsistent internet connection and we were both in need of a nap after an awful night’s sleep the night before. We were ready to just wind down in our room when we looked out our window and saw the sun coming out from behind the clouds. Phil suggested we go upstairs to the back deck of the ship to check it out. I agreed even though I was stressed. Once we got up there, I was so glad he suggested it. We would have missed the most beautiful sunset of our cruise yet! We grabbed mimosas and wool blankets and watched the sun set over the rolling green hills (that were lined with sheep!).

Times like that often pass us by. Both of us are workaholics and often forget what time it is because we never really stop working. We’ve tried to make it a priority to seize the moment more. Admittedly, Phil’s much better at doing that than I am! Over the last couple of years, our careers have been in overdrive and as opportunities have come our way, we’ve found ourselves traveling a lot more and working a lot more. We were just talking about how we can’t remember the last time we had a relaxing weekend at home where we weren’t working. I think maybe September was the last time?! It’s always “go go go” and we’ve come to realize that may just be our life from now on and that we need to take every opportunity we can (whether big or small) to just stop and enjoy the ride. Sometimes it’s bumpy, messy and hectic and sometimes it’s smooth sailing (forgive the pun) like last night.maria and phil new zealandI realize our lifestyle is not everyone’s and that it can be really difficult to travel the world with your significant other when you both have careers and/or children. But I do think it’s important to make quality time for each other and just celebrate the love that you have for one another. Too often we forget to recognize and appreciate each other especially when life gets busy. Even if it’s just cooking a meal for the other person or pouring a glass of champagne and watching the sunset together or dancing to your favorite song like no one is watching (Phil loves to grab me for a slow dance in the most awkward places like the deck of our cruise ship the other night…haha). Regardless, don’t forget to let the ones you love know that you love them.

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My love language is gift giving so I can’t write about love and feeling special without talking about some things that make me feel that way! Right now Macy’s is having it’s Semi-Annual Diamond Sale – where you can get some amazing prices on diamonds. Phil and I always take advantage of special events like this when we purchase bigger items. You’ll have much less guilt, but all of the satisfaction of owning beautiful jewelry at a fraction of the retail price. You can save 45-60% plus an extra 20% ff with promo code: “JEWEL” on some great brands like: Effy, Le Vian, Marchesa and X3. The event started on 3/27 and ends 4/12.

xo, Maria

Thanks to Macy’s and Shopping Links for sponsoring this post.

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