Hair/ Beauty / 17 Apr, 2016

Hair Extensions 101


hair extensions 101 best balayage hair extensions best clip in hair extensions worn on a blogger fashion blogger hair extensions bellami hair extensions bellami bellami guy tang hair extensionsThe No. 1 question I get on Instagram is about my hair so I thought it was about time I did a dedicated post all about my extensions. I have used extensions for about six years now and I’ve only ever used the clip-in kind. I have wanted to try bonded extensions, but even the best stylists in LA have said “Don’t Do It.” My hair is pretty fine and it would likely break off if I did them. The first clip-ins that I bought were from Sally’s and they did the job, but never fit in super tight. After finding out that so many of the girls on Instagram – whose hair I loved – were actually Bellami hair extensions, I thought I’d give the brand a try…and now I’m addicted! I will NEVER go back to any other brand. Bellami are a little pricier, but they last so much better and they don’t hurt or slide out the way other brands do. Plus you get SO much hair.

I do still make sure to take good care of my natural hair so that it blends well. I try to take prenatal vitamins almost every day (fish oil pills make me feel nauseous). I have also used Viviscal and saw great results, but you really have to remember to take it consistently for it to work and I’m so bad about remembering!

My natural hair is balayaged. So many salons do the technique now, but make sure you bring in photos and be prepared that it will likely take a few times to get it the way you want it – especially if you have dark hair. I’ve gone to some of the best stylists in LA who specialize in balayage and haven’t been happy with the results. My most recent balayage was done by a stylist on a cruise ship and it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had – although it did take 2 tries! So it really comes down to finding the stylist that understands what you want and don’t be afraid to go back a second time if you’re not happy. Most of the time it just needs a simple toner or a few low lights thrown in to make it blend better. One of my favorite stylists in LA that has done some of the best balayage for me is Andy James.

Since my hair is balayaged, I use the balayage by Guy Tang 220g 22″ Bellami extensions in the color #1C/#18 (use code “MariaV” for $$$ off your set). I actually take my set of extensions with me whenever I get my hair colored so the stylist can match it. You can dye Bellami extensions, but the balayage is painted so beautifully, I’ve never wanted to chance messing it up. If you aren’t sure what color is right for you, take a selfie in natural light and email it to Bellami. They do such a great job of finding the right color for you.

Here’s a short video showing how I clip my extensions in. So many people can’t believe that I wear clip-ins almost every day, but it takes less than 5 minutes! Feel free to leave any questions below.

xo, Maria

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