Hair/ Beauty / 02 Sep, 2016

Hair Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair.


mia mia mine hair curling tutorialToday I’m so excited to share my most requested tutorial…how I curl my hair. For me, curling my hair is a part of my everyday beauty routine. I feel naked without my long curls although some days I’m just too lazy (case in point, my Snapchats this week where I’m sporting my naturally stick straight hair). I can curl my hair in about 10 minutes and my curls last all day.

Here are my secrets to achieving the perfect curls.

  1. Start With Textured Hair: I have naturally fine, straight hair which is probably the worst kind for holding curls. Since my hair is balayaged (aka…bleached), it holds curls much better than it did prior to dying it. My hair holds curls the best a day or two after washing it because it has more texture to it. On days that I wash it, I use a texturizing spray before I curl it. I love this one.
  2. Use A Good Curling Iron: I use this curling iron. It’s under $50 and it’s seriously the best curling iron that I’ve tried. Growing up, I always used this one (under $20) and I still use it occasionally as a backup (the clasps tend to break on me after about a year of use). This curling is so good because it heats up quick and gets hotter than most. It might not be the best for the health of your hair, but it definitely holds the curl the best.
  3. Curl Your Hair In Sections: My hair is slightly layered and I always start with the bottom layer first. That way I’m sure to get all the hair around my head. If you miss curls on the bottom, it’s usually the most visible.
  4. Flip The Curling Iron Upside Down: I use my curling iron as a curling wand. I’ve tried curling wands, but personally, I’ve found it easier to wrap my hair around a straight barrel vs. the cone shaped barrel of a wand. It’s easier to grip hair around a straight barrel and the curls seem to be tighter.
  5. Don’t Use The Clamp: For looser waves, I don’t use the clamp of the curling iron. The curls are much more natural looking without the clamp.
  6. Finger Brush Your Curls: I like to brush out my curls almost immediately after curling them. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb so you don’t brush out all of the curls.
  7. Add Volume With Extensions: As you probably know, I wear my Bellami extensions almost every day. I curl them only when I wash them. They tend to hold their curl for a long time. I just touch up loose hairs every now and then. To read more about my extensions and how I put them in (and for money off), click here.

xo, Maria

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