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All About My Tape-In Hair Extensions


fashion blogger mia mia mine easihair extensions review

If you saw my InstaStories a few weeks ago, you may already know that I tried out tape-in hair extensions by easihair pro. I’ve been wearing clip-in hair extensions for over five years and as much as I loved them, I was dying to try another method more out of curiosity than anything. I’ve been hearing such great things about easihair pro for a while so when I found out that my colorist, Alexa, does them – I had to give them a try.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing clip in extensions mia mia mine wearing beautywork clip in extensions

I love my clip-in extensions (pictured above – you can read more about them here), but the only downside is that you have to apply them daily whereas every other type of extension stays in for 4-8 weeks (depending on what type you get). I’m not going to lie, I feel naked when I take out my clip-ins at night or on days where I just don’t put them in. I wanted a solution that would stay put 24/7. mia mia mine getting easihair extensions

This is what I look like without them in. I use them for length and fullness more than anything.

mia mia mine getting hair balayaged

To start the process, Alexa first touched up my balayage to take me to a color that I was happy with and that would match the extensions. We didn’t do anything drastic – just brought the color up closer to my roots and added some more blonde pieces.

mia mia mine getting tape-in extensions

I had already had my consult with Alexa a few weeks beforehand so she ordered the hair to match my hair color. We went with four boxes of hair for extra fullness and to keep it comparable to the look of my clip-in extensions. Alexa did a blend of several shades to mimic the balayage look of my hair. The process was smooth and took about an hour to tape in everything. Your hair is essentially sandwiched between two extensions. It was completely painless and so much more lightweight than my clip-ins.

mia mia mine easihair extensionsmia mia mine wearing tape-in extensions mia mia mine tape-in extensions mia mia mine wearing easihair tape in extensions mia mia mine wearing easihair tape-in extensions mia mia mine wearing easihair extensions

Here’s the final result. I love how well the color blends. Since the pieces are so much smaller than clip-in wefts, you can really blend in the color better with your natural hair. I opted not to cut the extensions the day I was in the salon. I wanted to curl them at home first to see how much they shrunk up. I couldn’t get over how much hair I got yet how lightweight it still felt.

fashion blogger mia mia mine easihair extensions curled

This was on day three after getting the extensions. I washed my hair for the first time and curled it. I will say washing it was a lot more work than I expected. I’m used to only washing my natural hair in the shower as I wash my clip-in extensions separately. I didn’t even think about how all that extra weight would feel when wet. It was heavy! I used the easihair pro shampoo – which is specially formulated for the extensions. I was really nervous that the tape would slip, but it stayed put! You’re not supposed to use conditioner near your roots to prevent slippage. I blow dried and curled as normal. It was more time consuming than my usual daily routine because of all the extra hair, but the curls seemed to last longer. Personally, I still prefer clip-ins because I like a lot of hair and I think to get the full effect of my clip-ins with tape-ins would be too heavy to maintain. Tape-ins are a great option if you have short to medium length hair and are looking more for fullness than length, in my opinion. I also have pretty fine hair which isn’t the best for tape-ins because I’m more likely to experience slippage.

Pros of Tape-Ins

They’re more permanent than clip-ins: You can go to bed and wake up with mermaid hair – the main reason I did them!

They’re less damaging than bonded, miro-beads or sew-ins: If they’re applied and removed properly, you really shouldn’t have any breakage with tape-ins. Your natural hair will grow with them since they attach near your roots (not to them). They’re pretty easy to remove with oil or a specially formulated removal product (your salon will have that).

They’re super comfortable to wear: I was shocked at how lightweight they were. I got quite a bit of hair, yet they still felt lighter than clip-ins. It was weird sleeping with extensions in (I never do with clip-ins) so that part took a little getting used to, but compared to any other type of extension – they have to be the most comfortable.

They’re relatively inexpensive. Compared to micro-links or bonded extensions, they’re pretty affordable. I used four boxes, but most people can get away with 2-3 boxes – especially if you are wearing them more for fullness. You have to get them redone every 6-8 weeks, but the process only takes about an hour and you can reuse the hair for months – it just depends on how well you take care of it.

Cons of Tape-Ins

They can slip: The tape can slip if not done properly. You’ll want to make sure you go to certified stylist who’s been trained in doing them. That said, because the extensions are attached to your hair with tape, the extra weight can pull at it. I did have one weft that tugged a bit more than the others after washing my hair. I’m guessing that was the start of slippage which isn’t uncommon.

They’re more maintenance than clip-ins: Again, I’m referencing clip-ins because that’s what I’ve used up until this point. I had initially thought tape-ins would be less maintenance since I wouldn’t have to clip them in and take them out every day, but having to be careful when sleeping with them, brushing them frequently and the whole washing/drying process was more time consuming than with clip-ins. I can’t imagine trying out any other type of semi-permanent hair extensions after going through this process. Tape-ins are the most hassle-free of the more semi-permanent options.

xo, Maria

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