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How To Experience Luxury Travel For Less


fashion blogger mia mia mine with husband phil thompson at the four seasons austin

This past weekend Phil and I took a mini getaway to Austin for the weekend. We haven’t traveled in a couple of months because we’ve been in the middle of home renovations and we didn’t want to miss much of Leo’s puppy stage, but over the past couple of weeks we got so much snow at home so we decided it was just time to escape. We didn’t want to go anywhere too far, but we wanted an opportunity to relax and enjoy a little sunshine. Right around the time we couldn’t stand the frigid temps anymore, Ebates actually reached out and offered an opportunity to try out their new “Travel Thursday” promotion – where you get 10% back on travel booked with participating partners on Thursdays to anywhere. We chose Austin because we were there briefly in August, but we didn’t feel like we got to fully experience what the city and surrounding area had to offer. Everyone who’s ever been has always told us how much they loved Austin so we wanted to head back and explore more.

fashion blogger mia mia mine at the four seasons austin

Phil and I have really grown to appreciate luxury accommodations because they really offer the ability to truly relax and it always feels like another honeymoon. Yes, luxury travel is pricier, but it’s worth every penny if it ensures a little R&R while we’re away. A little secret on how to score luxury accommodations for less is to use Ebates for cash back when booking your stay. Ebates hotels offer up to 10% cash back on some of the best hotels – including our favorite, The Four Seasons. There’s no better way to ensure a great vacation than staying at a Four Seasons. Phil and I always say that we could just spend our whole vacation at a Four Seasons – they have so much to offer and our stay is always so relaxing. There’s nothing quite like it. We love exploring the hotel grounds because there’s always something unique about each Four Seasons. This particular property is unique because it’s located downtown, but it’s situated right on Lady Bird Lake so you can really get the best of both worlds – city life and lake life.

fashion blogger mia mia mine at the spa at the four seasons austin

When we don’t have a heavy itinerary, we love incorporating an afternoon at the spa when we travel. When we look back at some of our favorite travel experiences, they almost always involve a spa. I’d rather have a great spa visit than sit by the beach although a combination of the two is always the best. We’ll often pick our hotel based on the amenities like a great spa that we’ll know we’ll utilize. A lot of hotels offer special discounts on spa services on particular days or they may have a deal of the month going on. The Four Seasons offers a “Mimosas and Massages” special on Mondays where you can get 20% off any 50-80 minute massage plus a complimentary mimosa after your treatment in their relaxation room (pictured above). We could have hung out in there all day!

fashion blogger mia mia mine with husband at the four seasons austin

Our room had two balconies with views of the city. It was so nice to wake up and step outside each morning – no need to look at the weather forecast to know what to wear! We even had breakfast out on the balcony when it was lightly raining one morning which was actually cozy and romantic. When we stay at luxury resorts, we always utilize room service at least once because the food is so good and it’s so nice to leisurely start the morning with breakfast in bed (or on the balcony). We often do a late-brunch to hold us over to our dinner plans. You can always count on great food at the Four Seasons. We had their fish tacos one day for lunch too and they were the best I’d ever had anywhere. I’m still craving those!

four seasons austin

If a spa visit isn’t in our itinerary (or even if it is), we love booking rooms with great tubs. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day of exploring the city than with a relaxing bath. This freestanding tub was like a mini spa in our room.

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Ebates Hotels now offers 10% cash back on all travel booked on Thursdays. The booking process is smooth and they have the best selection of hotels in every city. Ebates travel partners makes booking luxury travel easy and more affordable with their special promotions and cash back rewards. From hotels to flights and even rental cars – you can score cash back on even the most luxurious experiences.

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