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How I Tone My Legs Without The Gym


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing levi's shorts and givenchy espadrilles
Now that summer weather has arrived and I’m in shorts almost daily, my legs are where I focus the majority of my workouts. I definitely don’t get to the gym as often as I’d like, but I’ve found that the gym isn’t necessary to see results. I spend the majority of my days on my computer or phone so I’m not super active, but I squeeze in mini leg workouts whenever I can. I mainly do squats and lunges throughout the day which have helped me tone up my legs, but have also helped a lot with lower back pain – which I get when I sit for too long. Keep scrolling to see how I’ve toned up my legs in time for blogger mia mia mine wearing a givenchy antigona bag and a striped top from H&Mfashion blogger mia mia mine wearing givenchy espadrilles and a givenchy antigona bag

Squats & Lunges

Morning: I squeeze in squats and lunges while I do my hair in the morning. I probably look ridiculous, but I get super bored just standing there blow drying or curling my hair. I don’t really keep track of how many I do, but I alternate between squats and crossover lunges until I’m done with my hair.

Midday: I try not to sit for long periods of time so I’ll usually take a midday break and stand or pace around the house. If I need to be on my computer, I usually find a taller surface to work from while I stand (usually at our kitchen island) and I’ll do squats intermittently. If I can work from my phone (typically while I’m on Instagram, answering emails or editing photos) then I’ll pace around the room while I’m on my phone. I usually spend an hour like this throughout the day. I don’t do squats and lunges consistently of course, but I make sure I’m standing for about an hour and do squats and lunges for a good 5-10 minutes every 10-15 minutes or so.

Evening: As much as I try not to, I work late in the evenings most nights. I typically finish up a blog post, edit photos and hop on Instagram at night. I’m usually running low on energy so I like to keep moving if I can by walking around the house or standing while I work. I squeeze in lunges and squats here too. I try to do squats whenever I’m doing a mindless activity throughout the day/evening like when I’m watching tv, brushing my teeth, etc. Even just a few here and there can really add up.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing givenchy espadrilles and a givenchy antigona bag fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a leather jacket and a givenchy antigona bag
Obviously my routine isn’t super regimented, but I like it that way. I used to be so hard on myself if I didn’t work out every day, but these last couple of years, I’ve focused more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle – which for me means balance. There are periods when I don’t work out much at all and there are periods when I’m super good about it, but I don’t beat myself up either way. I never let workouts consume my day either – if I can fit them in I do and if not, I don’t sweat it. I also take the same approach to eating – I don’t have any restrictions, but try to eat in moderation. I know none of this is revolutionary, but I wanted to share my tricks because I’ve seen great results since committing to this routine over the last several months. I’ve learned that you don’t have to hours at the gym to tone up. I always abide by the 80/20 rule when it comes to my diet and exercise routine. I really believe the majority of being fit is diet and workouts are great for toning up.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a NY baseball hat and a striped H&M top fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a leather jacket and a givenchy antigona bag

xo, Maria

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