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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Luxe


mia mia mine in her master bedroom with bloomingdale's hotel bedding
We recently gave our master bedroom a mini makeover to up the luxe factor. Our bedroom has been going through stages of a makeover for some time now, but we decided it was finally time to pull the trigger and finish it. We had put off an overhaul until Leo was out of his puppy stage – which he is for the most part now. Once we started pulling together the missing pieces for our room, I was shocked at how easy it was to instantly upgrade our room and make it feel more luxe. I wish we’d done it sooner. It’s amazing how the smallest details can make such a big impact.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your bedroom feel more luxe.

master bedroom of mia mia mine

1. Choose Classic Hotel Bedding

When it comes to our home decor, I gravitate towards luxe details while maintaining a neutral color palette. I often look to hotels for decor inspiration – especially when it comes to bedroom decor. That’s why I always choose classic hotel bedding for our bed. There’s nothing quite as luxurious. Despite having two dogs, we insist on having white bedding because we love waking up to a room filled with bright white light.

One of my favorite places to look for bedding is Bloomingdale’s. My dad always shopped for home textiles from Bloomingdale’s when I was growing up because he insists on having great quality pieces so I’ve always associated Bloomingdale’s with quality. When Phil and I moved into our first apartment together in LA, we immediately went to Bloomingdale’s for a new bedding set – which we still use to this day (it’s now currently on the bed in our guest room).

For our bedroom makeover, we chose the Matouk brand bedding. They have so many different versions of hotel style bedding that it was hard to choose. We ended up choosing one of their more affordable bedding styles and I was amazed at the quality! It’s so soft and luxurious!

fashion blogger mia mia mine in her master bedroommia mia mine with golden retriever dog luna

2. Add More Pillows

Pillows add the cozy factor to a bed. You can have as many as nine pillows on a king size bed and eight on a queen. I love euro pillows for added height and then layer in standard and king sized pillows for sleeping.

mia mia mine's master bedroom with bloomingdale's hotel bedding mia mia mine's golden retriever puppy leo

3. Experiment With Layers

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to bedding is not having enough layers. It’s easy to overlook all of the pieces that make a bed look so luxurious. It’s all about creating visual interest with varying heights, shapes and textures. White hotel bedding is chic on it’s own, but it really comes to life when paired with a luxurious coverlet. I love¬†this gray coverlet – which adds the perfect amount of texture.

fashion blogger mia mia mine master bedroom fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever puppies

4. Swap Out Your Light Fixture With A Chandelier

Nothing ups the luxe factor like a glamorous chandelier. We replaced the ceiling fan in our room with a crystal chandelier shortly after we moved in. It’s still one of the quickest and most luxe changes we’ve made to-date.

fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever dogsfashion blogger mia mia mine in her master bedroom with golden retrievers

5. Add Dimension With Mirrors

Mirrors are, in my opinion, the best wall decor. They instantly make a room feel more chic and they maximize light – making any room feel larger. We already have an oversized floor mirror in our bedroom so I originally hung pictures above our nightstands, but the height of the pictures always felt off to me. I decided to swap them out for these larger beveled mirrors which added a grander scale to our room. Now when I walk in our room, it feels like a totally different space.

xo, Maria

Bedding Details

Matouk Essex Duvet Cover
Matouk Essex Euro Sham
Matouk Essex King Sham
Matouk Gray Coverlet
Matouk Essex Standard Sham
Matouk Essex Standard Pillowcases
Matouk Essex Flat Sheet

Outfit Details

CAMI NYC Silk White Lace-Trim Cami (wearing an XS, also love this one and this one)
Similar Distressed Denim

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