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My Favorite Amazon Household Items


fashion blogger mia mia mine in her closet with golden retrieversNothing makes me feel happier and more productive than a clean, organized space. However, this can oftentimes be hard to achieve since Phil and I both work from home and are always trying to balance everything. That being said, we’re always open to new processes, household items, and gadgets that can help us maintain our house. Although we’ve gone through our fair share of acquiring home goods and devices that didn’t work out, we’ve also snagged some items that have made a big difference in our day to day lives. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to tackle to date was managing my closet and outfits, especially during shoots days. We’ve since made several changes that have streamlined the process. Today, I wanted to share theĀ Amazon household items that I can’t function without.

fashion blogger mia mia mine's closet and steamer fashion blogger mia mia mine jewelry organizer amazon mia mia mine's closet organization from amazon


Mini Fabric Steamer

Not only is the size of this steamer great for traveling, but it heats up quickly and puts out a steady stream of steam that keeps my clothes wrinkle-free and polished.
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Black + Decker


When I want my clothes to look pressed and crisp, I use this iron. I love how it glides over everything so smoothly and quickly.
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Garment Steamer

For a high-impact, durable steamer that removes wrinkles effortlessly, this one won't disappoint. It's super reliable when you don't have a ton of time and need to get out the door in a pinch.
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Need A Rack

Clothing Rack

I love keeping my clothes where I can see them because it makes getting dressed and styling different outfits so easy. This clothing rack is perfect for that. It's so sturdy, rolls around seamlessly, and is easy to assemble and fold down.
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Velvet Suit Hanger

Velvet hangers are great because they don't take up a ton of space - and they do a great job of preventing clothes from falling off even when it comes to camisoles and heavy wool coats.
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Velvet Pants Hangers

If you like planning your outfits or do a lot of photoshoots, these hangers are great for putting outfits together ahead of time.
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Drying Rack

One of the best ways to make your clothes last longer is to air dry them. This foldable drying is so useful when it comes to organizing our laundry and keeping clothes clean as they dry. The simplistic design is perfect because it folds down quickly for easy storage and also expands back out easily.
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Laundry Hamper

Having a collapsible, lightweight laundry basket in our home has been life changing. Not only is the linen fabrication perfect for our home, but I love being able to stow it away when not in use. The rope handles also make it easy and comfortable to carry.
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Sunglasses Organizer

Aside from the stunning, sleek look, I swear by this sunglass organizer to keep my designer sunnies dust free and secure.
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Watch Organizer

This classy watch organizer is great for storing and displaying your watch collection. It's also available in 6, 12, and 20 grids.
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Necklace Tray

I own several dainty necklaces so this tray is great for keeping them from getting tangled.
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Ring Tray

I have always struggled to keep track of my rings till I discovered this tray. Storing them in this tray helps me keep track of them and make the most of them.
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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

I am always impressed with how much pet hair, dust, and debris end up in this vacuum after each cycle. It's been a game changer for keeping our floors clean.
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xo, Maria

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