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My Gucci Ace Sneakers Review


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci ace sneakers and a gucci logo teeIt’s no secret that Gucci is one of my favorite brands, I’ve been obsessed with the brand for a few years now and I still can’t get enough of it and it seems like you guys can’t either – my Gucci Belt Buying Guide is still one of my most popular blog posts each month! Although I’ve grown my Gucci collection pretty significantly over the last year, there always seems to be another Gucci piece on my wish list.

One of my 2019 Gucci purchases (that I also think was one of my best!) was a pair of Gucci Ace embellished sneakers. While I know I’m a little late to the game, I had been going back and forth for quite a while wondering if they were really worth the steep price. I couldn’t find a whole lot of reviews about them online, but I knew I loved the style and I’m always looking to add a new pair of white sneakers to my closet since they’re so versatile. I finally caved and ordered them this year thinking it would be a toss-up if I’d actually want to keep them, but from the moment that I tried them on, I knew I had to keep them even though I didn’t order the correct size right away. After exchanging them for the correct size and getting so much wear out of them, I wanted to put together a full review in case any of you are considering getting them too! Keep scrolling to read all the FAQs on the Gucci Ace sneakers.


Fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci sneakers and a red celine bagfashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci ace sneakers with a gucci tee

How Does Sizing Run

For women, the Ace sneaker runs 1/2 size large so be sure to size down by 1/2. I made the mistake of buying my regular size (size US 6 / UK 36) and I ended up having to return them to buy a US 5.5 /  UK 35.5. Going down 1/2 size ended up being the perfect fit!

However, if you are shopping for the men’s Ace sneaker, they run true to size. Phil has the classic Ace sneakers and he went with his normal size and they fit great.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci ace embellished sneakers and a burberry jacket

Which Style To Buy

I had been eyeing the Ace sneakers for a quite a while, but I was never totally sure of which style I liked best. There are currently 24 different SKUs in the women’s Gucci Ace collection online. My favorites are the embellished, embroidered and classic styles. I decided to go with the embellished Ace sneakers because they’re so unique! I love the feminine pearls paired with the edgy studs – which resonates with my edgy/feminine vibe.

How To Keep Them Clean

Surprisingly, they are not as hard to keep clean as I expected given they’re a white sneaker. The leather isn’t super porous which means they don’t  absorb stains as easily. The leather is slightly stiff yet soft so it doesn’t crease easily – that’s one of my pet peeves about white sneakers! Creases are usually a dead giveaway of worn out sneakers. To keep them in the best condition, I use natural baby wipes on them and even a Magic Eraser (very lightly) if there’s a visible scuff.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci ace embellished sneakers

Wearing Socks With Them

To be honest, I don’t often wear socks with my sneakers and these keep my feet cool and comfortable without socks. I have occasionally worn socks and when I do, I always opt for these no-show socks.

What To Wear With Them

I’ve worn my Gucci Ace sneakers with denim mostly, but they also look great with a casual shirt dress or dressed up with a statement bottom.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing an alpha industries bomber jacket and gucci sneakers

Where To Wear Them

I wore mine to the airport recently which I was pretty nervous about because I feel like shoes can get pretty beat up in an airpot with all that luggage swinging around. They actually ended up being a great choice because they’re incredibly comfortable, keep my feet warm enough on a plane and still look chic! I typically wear mine if I’m going out somewhere (not just to run errands) or when I’m traveling – especially if I’m going to do a lot of walking.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white tweed blazer with a gucci tee

Are They Comfortable

In case you don’t know the answer to this yet…YES! They are super comfortable – more so than my Golden Goose sneakers – which I also love. The Gucci Ace sneakers are made with softer materials yet they hold they’re shape so well.

Where To Buy Them

I bought my first pair from MyTheresa, but they didn’t have the next size down after I ordered the wrong size so I ended up buying them directly from Gucci and Phil got a pair from Saks Fifth Avenue. All of them have come in the same Gucci box with dust bags and they’ve all been in perfect condition. Gucci likely has the most size options so I’d start there, but Phil got his when Saks was doing a gift card offer so you can occasionally find them included in sale events at Saks or Neiman.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a green bomber jacket and a prada cahier bag

Are They Worth The Cost

The embellished Ace sneakers retail for $670 – which is steep! It’s tough to say if any pair of designer shoes is worth the cost because shoes don’t really have the same inherent resale value as bags or leather goods. If I compare them to my coveted Christian Louboutin So Kate’s, they do seem to be a better value on a price per wear basis because there’s just so many opportunities to wear sneakers vs. high heels. They are in the same price range as Golden Goose sneakers and I would say Gucci Ace sneakers may be a better option if you are looking to really elevate your wardrobe. If you are looking for a more casual, less flashy option; Golden Goose sneakers would be a better choice.

Are They Still A Good Purchase In 2019

It’s no secret that the “hot designer brand” status continually shifts season-to-season. That said, I do think Gucci has staying power as it has for decades. The Ace sneaker is actually a revival of the 1970’s classic tennis shoe style so you can be sure this sneaker style will stick around for years to come.

xo, Maria

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