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How I’m Staying Busy At Home Right Now


fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retrievers in her home office with pieces from z gallerie and one kings laneThe past few weeks have been a little crazy across the country, and I hope everyone is staying safe out there! With travel bans and social distancing measures in effect, it can be easy to fall into a state of panic and fear. I know all the negative media coverage doesn’t help, so I’ve decided to keep things light and positive on my end as I’ve always strived to do. I hope that you’ll find my blog and Instagram as an escape during this hectic time – even if it’s just for a brief moment. That being said, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing to keep myself busy at home lately. I’ve honestly found it to be enjoyable being home more. If you’ll be working from home or taking some time off over the next few weeks, hopefully this inspires you to stay busy and productive too!


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1. Clearing out and editing my closet

I always do a little wardrobe overhaul at the start of a new season, but being at home more lately just means that I can start earlier this year. Keeping an organized closet is always a priority for me because it makes getting dressed easier – however, it can be hard to manage. I’ll start by pulling everything out of the closet and grouping similar items together, which really allows me to take stock of what I have. If there are certain pieces that I just don’t reach for anymore because it no longer fits my style, I’ll start a donation pile for them. For the designer pieces that I don’t use as often, I’ll consider selling them so that I can put that money towards something else.

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2. Figuring out where to invest in my wardrobe

As you guys know, I’ve focused more on having a smaller, more curated wardrobe this past year and less on trendy pieces that are short-lived. Although I believe that you really don’t have to spend a lot to look amazing, opting for quality, designer brands for certain pieces is a surefire way to build a wardrobe that will last. For me, it’s usually handbags, heels, jackets, and denim that are worth investing in. My designer items always hold up better than affordable fast fashion pieces in these areas. Since they’re so well-made, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged as easily too. I find that the ending of a season or month is usually the best time to start thinking about my next investment piece. Once I’ve cleaned out and edited my wardrobe, it’s much easier to know where I need to fill in.

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3. Organizing my beauty products

I don’t know about you guys, but my vanity and stash of beauty products is one area that can easily be neglected. I can be a beauty junkie and love trying out the newest product launches, which means I often end up with a pile of goods that go unused. So, I’ve been going through my vanity and tossing out expired products as well as giving away barely used products to friends and family. This is also a great time to clean and disinfect your makeup brushes. I even recommend wiping down your brush handles and the surface of your products with alcohol or sanitary wipes.


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4. Updating my beauty routine

I’m all about taking precautions, so I’ve even updated some of my beauty routines to take place in the comfort of my home rather than going out. Instead of my usual bi-weekly trips to the nail salon, I’ve been doing more manicures alone and painting my own nails. I’ve also been trying to take better care of my skin by spending more time on at-home facials and using face masks regularly. It’s actually been quite relaxing! You can always add a candle and some fresh flowers for an extra special touch.


xo, Maria

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