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Under $100/ Living/ Lifestyle / 25 Jun, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart+ Membership


mia mia mine walmart+ deliveryThe best things about running a business out of my home is the flexibility of setting my own hours and working from wherever. However, this also comes with some downsides – that being working all the time. These days, I find myself busier than ever, so I’m always looking for ways to get back more time. One of the ways I’ve been doing that lately is through Walmart+ Membership. When I first heard about it, I knew it was meant for me given the free shipping and delivery benefits among others. Now that I’ve got to test it out, I thought I’d spill the details of the program because I know so many of you can benefit too!

What is the Walmart+ Membership?

Walmart+ is a membership that offers subscribers time and cost-saving benefits. The membership costs $98/year or $12.95/month, and includes a free 15-day trial (you can cancel anytime). I started out with the trial to make sure I would maximize the benefits – and now, I’m fully committed. 

mia mia mine's front door with golden retrievers

The Benefits…

Time & Convenience – The time savings benefits have been the best thing for me. With a Walmart+ Membership, you can get free delivery from your local store on orders of $35+, including groceries, clothing, household essentials and more (restrictions apply). Walmart+ offers a variety of delivery and shipping methods depending on what you need and how fast you need it, so you can even get some items delivered the same day!

Fuel Savings – You can save 5¢ per gallon with member pricing at Walmart and Murphy stations, plus access member pricing at Sam’s Club fuel centers. I drive so much for all my photoshoots, so this is something I’ve been taking advantage of. 

Mobile Scan & Go – You guys know I swear by online shopping to avoid the long lines. However, Walmart+ completely changes the game. As a member, you can scan items with your phone in the Walmart app while shopping in-store, then pay using Walmart Pay for a quick experience.

mia mia mine golden retriever front doormia mia mine walmart porch decor

mia mia mine golden retriever front door

My Thoughts…

I’ve been using Walmart+ so much for my usual summer snack stash as well as toys and treats for Luna and Leo. Walmart has always been a part of my weekly store runs for household essentials, groceries and more. But thanks to Walmart+, I mostly use the free delivery benefit instead of going into the store these days. It’s one less thing to do on my list and has been worth every penny. 

As I continue to grow my business, I know things will only get busier, so Walmart+ will be a mainstay in our home. Below, I rounded up the items I’ve had delivered recently!

mia mia mine walmart delivery walmart toss pillowwalmart home decorwalmart delivery beach towelssummer must-haves from walmart + deliverySummer Essentials

Smores are my favorite summertime snack. We love making them when we have friends or family over, so I like to keep the ingredients handy in the pantry. You’ll also always find LaCroix in my fridge – it’s the best alternative to soda!

Dog Treats & Toys

You can never have too many treats and toys for the dogs. I love getting these items replenished on a regular basis instead of adding it to my errands list. I know Luna and Leo appreciate it too!

mia mia mine's living room with dog pillows from walmartmia mia mine's living room with a sculpture from walmart

mia mia mine's living room with faux greenery from walmartHome Decor

Walmart is a great budget-friendly resource for on-trend home decor. The convenience of ordering decor pieces from the site instead of hunting them down in-stores has been a time saver!


xo, Maria

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Time and Tru Baseball Cap
Scoop Twist Front Shirt
Scoop Biker Shorts
Time and Tru Sneakers

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