Travel/ Living / 24 Jan, 2022

All My Favorite Travel Accessories To Stay Organized


fashion blogger wearing a max mara teddy bear at the airportWith the pandemic in place over the last two years, I didn’t do nearly as much traveling as I wanted. But now that things have toned down with vaccines in place and businesses taking extra precautions, I plan on ramping up my travels this year. It’s honestly been so long since I’ve been on a plane that I almost forgot how to pack efficiently. Fortunately, there are so many tools and pouches out there that make it easy. If you guys know me, then you know that I’m a fan of staying organized, so I’m always keeping a lookout on new travel accessories that I can get the most of. I finally unpacked and re-organized everything from my Jackson Hole trip and thought this would be a great opportunity to share my must-have travel accessories.


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Louis Vuitton

Neverfull GM Tote

I never fly without my trusty Neverfull Tote. The GM size is the best because it holds everything from my laptop to in-flight snacks to my wallet.
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Check-In Luggage

One of the most important features of a suitcase is great wheels that make it easy to breeze through airports. This is one of the best out there. The anti-microbial treated lining, shell, zippers and handles is something to appreciate on another level as it prevents bacteria growth.
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Travel Steamer

The steamer I swear by when I'm on the go. It's super gentle on the most delicate fabrics and works in seconds!
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Budget Travel Steamer

If you need a nifty steamer for under $100, I just came across this drip-free one that looks promising! It even doubles up as an iron.
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PVC Bags

These small storage pouches keep everything organized in a pinch. I love that they're see through for quick and easy access.
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Pill Organizer

Traveling with supplements, vitamins and meds have never been easier! The slide function keeps everything in place so you never have to worry about making a mess.
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Heat Resistant Cover

For under $10, this cover is so worth it. I use it to store my curling iron - and it's perfect, especially if I need to toss it in my luggage immediately after unplugging.
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Carrying Case

I never knew how much I needed this hard case. You can keep all your chargers (and Airpods) organized and protected in one go.
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Travel Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer spray takes up minimal room. It's also light and hydrating unlike many others.
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Pure Silk Mask

As all flights require masking, you'll want one that's soft and won't cause acne. This one is soothing and non-irritating.
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'47 Brand

NY Yankees Cap

My secret accessory to perfecting an effortless off-duty airport look.
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xo, Maria

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