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My Honest Review of the Fendi Sunshine Tote


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a camel sweater and camel skirt for springToday, I’m back with my first designer handbag review of the year. As you can imagine, I often get asked about the best designer bags to invest in. It’s always hard to come up with just one because I have so many that I love. And with the major fashion houses constantly dropping new drool-worthy styles, it’s become extremely hard to narrow down your options.

That said, if you’re looking for a do-everything, year-round bag to add to your wardrobe, oversized shopper totes are the accessory you need. All of my favorite designers have leaned into the trend with each debuting their own masterpiece. One of the bags that started my new-found love for totes was the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote. I adore that bag, but it felt more like a summer bag and lacked the polished structure that I was looking for in an everyday tote. That led me to the splendid Fendi Sunshine Tote. Although simple, it’s so luxe with the debossed logo, tortoise handles and gold hardware. I fell in love with it at first sight and have carried it on repeat over the past several months. Let me just say, it doesn’t disappoint!

Keep scrolling for my honest review of the Fendi Sunshine Tote and my answers to the most frequently asked questions…


fashion blogger wearing a white fendi sunshine tote with prada monolith white boots

What Size Do You Have? How Much Does It Hold?

Over the past several years, I found myself constantly splurging on small bags, which were perfect for everyday but not quite what I needed to haul my work around. So when the came to invest in the Fendi Sunshine Tote, I knew I had to go for the large size, which measures 7.9″ x 14.2″ x 15.7″. I wanted a bag that I could use for work, travel, and everything in between – and this bag truly fit the bill. The squared silhouette makes it so practical and you can really utilize the spacious interior to your advantage. It holds my daily essentials along with my large MacBook, an iPad, and more. This bag has risen in popularity so it’s become harder to find the large size in stock. Most major retailers are only stocked with the medium size, which measures 5.9″ x 11.8 ” x 13.8″. That’s still a sizable bag – just not as roomy.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white anine bing sweater with white wide leg pants for fall

Is It Heavy? How Often Do I Carry It?

The bag itself is a good weight – just enough to give it that luxe, high-end feel but not to the point where I dread bringing it out. If you end up filling it all the way, it’d probably get pretty heavy, but I typically only fill it half way so it’s not a dealbreaker. The weight is really something to love – much like the Givenchy Antigona – because it gives is that sturdy, beautiful look.

I usually break out my Fendi Sunshine Tote a few times a month when I need to carry my laptop or when I’m traveling and need a spacious bag that packs a ton. The beauty of this bag is how season-less it is. I went with the white color and it’s seriously held up from spring through winter.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a plaid blazer and camel coated denim for fall

Does It Scratch Easily?

I’ve been so impressed with how durable this tote is. Despite being crafted from soft, supple leather, it doesn’t scratch easily. I was a little nervous about buying this bag in a lighter color – but it’s been rather impressive. It’s stayed clean and I haven’t had any issues with color transfer. 

Is It A Trendy or Timeless Bag?

I definitely feel like the Fendi Sunshine Tote is more of a trendy bag with the large debossed logo and oversized stitching. However, it certainly has its appeal to remain a classic through the years. The fact that it’s a tote also reinforces its staying power. I personally love this bag and can see myself carrying over the course of many years, so it’s a win for me!

Is It Worth The Cost? Would I Buy It Again?

The Fendi Sunshine Tote in the large size retails for $3100 while the medium size goes for $2950. You’d get more bang for your buck with the larger one – but no matter your pick, you won’t be disappointed. I paid full price for my bag and haven’t felt an inch of regret at all. The quality is beyond amazing and I just love that it can be used for work or play. The oversized logo gives the understated bag that touch of extra without being over the top. I also want to note that the bag features hooks inside so you can attach a longer strap to throw over your shoulders if desired. That well-thought-out design is just the cherry on top! I’d seriously be happy to buy it again and again! 

fashion blogger wearing camel pants and a white off the shoulder top

xo, Maria

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