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How to Master Leather & Chunky Knits for Fall


fashion blogger wearing a fall date night outfit from walmartWhen it comes to nailing fall fashion, the dynamic duo of leather and chunky knits take the spotlight. A pairing that marries sophistication with comfort, it’s a trend that never disappoints. Whether you’re seeking the perfect sweater to cozy up in or eyeing those sleek leather pants to make a statement, Walmart has you covered. It’s the ultimate destination where fashion meets affordability. From oversized cardigans to tailored faux leather pants, Walmart offers a wide array of options to elevate your fall wardrobe regardless of your budget. Dressing up right this season is all about mastering the leather and knit fusion – so if you haven’t quite figured it out, I’m sharing some of my tips for pulling it off below!

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing faux leather cargo pants from walmartfashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white chunky knit sweater by sofia vergara from walmart

Cutout Sweater & Leather Pants

It’s time to retire those lightweight summer outfits and indulge in the warm, textured layers of fall. For a contemporary take on fall fashion, reach for the cool-girl combination of cutout sweaters and relaxed leather pants. The unique appeal of cutout sweaters lies in their ability to provide a hint of skin amidst the cozy fabric. Paired with relaxed leather pants, like this pair, you get a look that speaks to the modern fashion enthusiast.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a black chunky knit sweater and faux leather pants from walmart

Knit Dress & Leather Jacket

Plush knit dresses and leather jackets remain a quintessential choice for fall. This combination offers a versatile canvas to express your style, whether it’s the casual elegance of a chunky cable-knit dress paired with a sleek black leather jacket or a turtleneck under a vintage bomber. The texture play and contrasting elements will keep you warm without sacrificing style. With this duo, you can navigate the changing seasons with confidence.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a chunky knit sweater from walmart

Leather Boots & Chunky Knits

For those seeking a casual yet edgy look for the fall season, the pairing of chunky knits and leather boots is a go-to choice. Chunky knits keep you wrapped in a soft embrace while exuding a relaxed, laid-back charm. When paired with leather boots, this combo oozes a comfy edge. Whether you opt for ankle boots, knee-highs, or combat boots, their marriage with blanket-like sweaters is a fashion statement that keeps you on-trend as you venture into the crisp outdoors. 


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Sofia Jeans Cutout Sweater (wearing an XS)
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Sofia Jeans Cutout Sweater (wearing an XS)
Sofia Jeans Faux Leather Pants (wearing a 2)

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