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My Gucci Canvas Slingback Pumps Review


mia mia mine wearing a cropped trench from revolveJust as there are non-negotiables in life, the world of fashion has its own set of essentials that elevate our style game. For any fashion girl, it’s the shoes and handbags that, once acquired, become the heartbeat of our daily wardrobe. One of those pieces for me has been my Gucci Canvas Slingback Pumps. I confess, I’m typically more of a handbag enthusiast, but ever since these heels made their way into my wardrobe, I’ve become enamored with them. It’s rare to find one piece that embodies a mix of high fashion and comfort – but these pumps deliver the best of both words. From the boardroom to brunch, they accompany me on every adventure! If you’re wondering whether these shoes are your next coveted purchase, read on as I answer all your burning questions.

Here’s my honest review of the Gucci Canvas Slingback Pumps and my answers to the most frequently asked questions…


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing mother denim and a mother denim shearling jacket from saks

Are the Gucci Tom Canvas Slingback Pumps Comfortable for Daily Wear?

These pumps are remarkably comfortable. The lower heel provides just the right amount of lift without sacrificing comfort, making them suitable for extended wear. The pointed toe design is also slightly squared off so you don’t get that typical pinch you would from classic pumps. I honestly find myself reaching for them more and more lately just because I do love wearing heels and these are probably the most comfortable pair I own. The break-in time is minimal, and the slingback design provides a secure feel. You’ll hardly experience any discomfort from the moment you unbox.

fashion blogger wearing a denim skirt with a saint laurent logo belt

Are These Pumps True to Size?

Yes, I found these to be true to size – and I recommend sticking to your usual size for the best fit. The beauty of Gucci shoes is their size consistency, which adds to the overall positive experience of purchasing these pumps.

saks fashion blogger wearing a spring transitional outfit

How Versatile Are These Pumps In Terms Of Styling?

These Gucci pumps transition from professional settings to casual outings with ease. I’ve styled them with just about everything at this point from jeans to skirts to jumpsuits. They’re truly adaptable and have the ability to elevate any ensemble. I do prefer to wear mine with bottoms that are just above the ankle or higher to let the GG canvas pop but there are no rules to styling these.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing gucci slingback kitten heels

How Durable is the Canvas?

I’ll admit that there were some concerns with purchasing designer canvas shoes. However, I haven’t had any issues with wear and tear on the canvas in my year of owning them. To ensure they last, I do avoid wearing them in the rain and snow. If they manage to get wet, you’ll want to pat them dry quickly with a soft cloth. And finally, for long-term storage, I use the provided flannel bag and box. 

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Are They Worth It? Would You Buy Them Again?

I’ve been a Gucci fan for years, from the iconic Gucci belt to the exquisite Dionysus bag and the chic Horsebit mini bag. I can honesty say that the Gucci Canvas Slingback Pumps live up to my expectations. I don’t regret investing in these as they complement my lifestyle. Not only have they become a practical and stylish choice, but the numerous compliments I’ve received also add a validating touch. Overall, the materials used and the thoughtful design make these pumps a worthwhile investment piece, and I’m confident they’ll stand the test of time.

xo, Maria

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