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My Review of the Prada Arqué Crochet Bag


saks fashion blogger wearing an all white spring outfitYear after year, I find myself building out my collection of fabric and woven handbags as soon as the warm weather hits. While trends come and go, the timeless appeal of natural bags during this time of year never fades. That’s why I recently decided to add the Prada Arqué Crochet Shoulder Bag to my collection. Some of the features that drew me to this piece were its unique texture, tonal branding, and curved shape. Unlike my other raffia designer bags, such as the Prada and Saint Laurent totes, the Arqué offers a more compact and convenient size for everyday use. With summer on the horizon, I anticipate that this bag will be a huge hit. To help you decide if the Prada Arqué Crochet Bag is right for you, I thought I’d share a comprehensive review.

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How Useful Is It For Everyday?

The Prada Arqué Crochet Bag surprises with its functionality despite the relatively compact size. Measuring 8.8” x 7.2” x 2.3”, it features an adjustable leather shoulder strap that allows for versatile styling. You can wear it as a crossbody for hands-free convenience or across the arms and shoulders for a more polished look. The bag’s curved shape not only adds a modern twist but also provides a comfortable fit against the body. While not designed for work or travel, it’s perfect for events, date nights or relaxed outings. I find it ideal for carrying all my daily necessities, including my phone, wallet, and keys.

Does It Get Dirty Easily?

This version of the Arqué bag boasts a lighter, natural colorway, so durability was the biggest point of contention for me. However, after several weeks of regular use, I’m pleasantly surprised by its resilience. The fabric shows minimal signs of wear and tear, even with frequent outings. However, much like all of my designer bags, I continue to handle it with care whenever I take it out or stow it away to ensure its longevity.

Is It Structured or Slouchy?

The Prada Arqué Crochet Bag strikes a balance between structured and slouchy. Its thick, woven crochet fabric adds a chunky texture that helps maintain the curved silhouette. That being said, compared to the leather Arqué bag, it is less structured and may appear somewhat flat if not filled.

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Can You Wear It In The Fall/Winter?

As previously mentioned, the Arqué Crochet handbag is undoubtedly designed for warm weather. Prior to this newly released crochet version, there are several iterations of the same silhouette crafted in Prada’s signature leather and nylon materials. If you’re seeking a handbag for year-round use, I would recommend opting for one of these alternatives instead.

Is It Worth The Investment?

If you’re a proponent of natural bags during the summertime or live in a warmer climate, consider the Prada Arqué Crochet Bag the perfect fit. Thanks to the adjustable strap, I find it to be the perfect companion for both daytime and nighttime ensembles. Overall, this crochet bag is a classic and versatile piece that is sure to elevate any summery outfit, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to add a timeless accessory to their collection.

If this designer bag is something you definitely want to add to your collection, order it now so you can maximize its use during the summer! You can cop your own Prada Arqué Crochet Bag at Prada, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, 24S, or Farfetch

xo, Maria


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