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My 10 Minute Workout Routine.


workout-routineStylish Nike workout outfitNike women's workout clothesNike Free Running ShoesWomen's Nike Workout OutfitCarrera SunglassesWorkout BlogWorkout inspiration blogHappy fall! Today’s officially the first day of the season and I hope you are all celebrating with a pumpkin spice latte in hand! Lately, I’ve been working on getting in better shape. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, but I won’t lie I have a major sweet tooth! Reducing sodium and my portion sizes are easier goals for me than cutting sweets and I usually feel better instantly when I make subtle changes in those areas.

In terms of working out, I workout three to five times per week even if it’s for only 20 minutes. Phil and I try to run a couple of miles every day during the week and a couple of days a week I also do a combination of squats, lunges, plank and crunches for about 15 minutes after our runs.

I love all of the workout inspiration on Pinterest. There are so many great workout routines. Here’s one that only takes 10 minutes. I’ve been trying to fit it in before I shower in the morning

My 10 Minute Workout

100 jumping jacks

10 push ups

20 squats

30 crunches

80 jumping jacks

10 pushups

20 squats

30 crunches

One thing that gets me excited about working out is new workout clothes. It’s silly, but I really do feel more motivated in a new outfit. I like to stick with neutrals and all black tends to be my go-to look.

xo, Maria

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