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How I Protect My Hair From Heat Damage.


Fashion blogger Mia Mia Mine using a GHD dryer from Sephora Taking care of my hair is one of my top priorities when it comes to my everyday beauty routine. Healthy hair is something I’m always after. I love long, luscious locks, but I’m the first to admit I’m pretty hard on my strands. I bleach my hair several times a year and blow dry and curl it almost daily. With all the processing I do to it, it often feels like it’s impossible to prevent breakage. That’s why I’m extra careful with the products and tools I use on it. Using gentle tools is super important to preventing damage, but using the right products can make all the difference too. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite products and tools for protecting my hair. Best hair oils from Sephora While we were on our cruise last month, I noticed my hair started to break more than normal and I realized it was the water – which had higher levels of damaging chlorine. We have a water softener at home – which I was used to. I forgot my favorite hair oils at home so I had to track some down and that made a big difference. My hair instantly felt shinier and smoother and I noticed fewer broken strands. These three hair oils are my favorites: Verb Ghost OilLiving Proof No Frizz Nourishing Hair Oil and Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Oil. Here’s how I use each one:blogger Mia Mia Mine using hair oils from Sephora Beauty blogger Mia Mia Mine using hair oil from Sephora Mia mia mine using hair oils from Sephora Verb Ghost Oil is probably my favorite hair oil. I apply it on slightly damp hair as a heat protectant before I blow dry. It’s super lightweight and nourishing. Sephora hair oils Mia mia mine blow drying hair with GHD dryerThis GHD Hair Dryer is so good. It’s super quiet and gentle on my hair. Blow drying tends to create a lot of frizz on my dry hair, but this one really seals my strands for a smooth finish and the best part is, it drys in a fraction of the time that a typical dryer would. Who doesn’t love gaining a few more minutes of sleep every day?!Mia Mia Mine hair tutorial One trick for more volume is to flip your head upside down when drying. It definitely gives life to my otherwise flat, fine hair.  Fashion blogger Mia Mia Mine using hair oils from SephoraAfter blow drying my hair, I like to add in Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Hair Oil which helps seal my strands and calm any unwanted flyaways. A little bit goes a long way so I add just a little to my ends. Fashion blogger Mia Mia Mine using hair oils from sephora In between shampoos (I shampoo every other day or every two days), I like to use Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Oil which is great for refreshing my hair and my extensions. I don’t wash my extensions as much since they don’t build up oil as much as my own hair, but I do touch them up regularly with a curling iron – which can be damaging. This oil keeps them moisturized and helps lock in curls and the scent is great too!

My favorite place to score the best hair products is Sephora. They always have the most innovative products and their easy return policy makes it so easy to try out new products. If for any reason you aren’t happy, you can return or exchange it. It’s comforting to know that they really stand behind their products!

xo, Maria

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