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Fashion / 13 Sep, 2017

7 Fashion Rules To Break This Fall.


Fashion blogger Maria Vizuete from Mia Mia Mine styleIt seems like every season there’s a new set of rules to abide by in the fashion world. It can be stressful trying to keep up with all of them and to be honest, they don’t always work for everyone.


Fashion blogger Maria Vizuete from Mia Mia Mine wearing a neutral street style look during NYFW 2017Minnesota fashion blogger Maria Vizuete wearing a white bodycon dress in New York City Fashion blogger wearing a neutral street style look during New York Fashion Week 2017STYLESTALKER White Dress, KENDALL + KYLIE Satin Booties, Gucci Dionysus Mini Bag, WESTWARD LEANING White Sunglasses, Cotton On Biker Jacket Date night outfit inspiration in New York CityNeutral outfit for date nightFashion blogger wearing a neutral street style look during NYFW 2017STYLESTALKER White Dress, KENDALL + KYLIE Satin Booties, Gucci Dionysus Mini Bag, WESTWARD LEANING White Sunglasses, Cotton On Biker Jacket  Every fashion week I find myself have a mini freak out moment when I feel like I’m not wearing enough “trends” and then I have a moment of clarity where I remind myself to stick with what feels true to my style. Fashion is supposed to be fun and experimental, but you shouldn’t have to force yourself into anything that makes you uncomfortable. I’m totally guilty of trying out trends and then hating them the second I walk out the door. I’ve finally learned to trust my gut and go with what I love – sometimes that’s what’s “in” and sometimes it’s not, but it just feels right. I often opt for classic styles that are practical too. I prefer buying pieces I know I’ll wear more than once. Of course, I throw in statement pieces that are fun to try for a night every now and then, but I wouldn’t build my closet around them.

Here are 7 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

1. Wearing white after Labor Day: Almost every fashion “it” girl I know does not abide by this rule anymore. White is great all year round. I especially love it in winter.

2. Buying the “it” handbag: While I often invest in a new designer bag at the start of each season, I never feel pressure to buy the “it” bag of the moment. If I don’t instantly love it, I won’t buy it. Expensive handbags really have to wow me to want to invest in them. Some do for sure and others I just don’t get. I tend to hold onto my designer bags and rewear them each season. This Gucci bag is one of my favorites from last spring and I’ve been wearing it more than ever lately. I love how indestructible it is. It’s one of the few bags that I fee like never gets dirty or loses it’s structure.

3. Wearing heels with a dress: A dress and heels is a classic combo that will never get old, but you can really wear any type of footwear with a dress. I love pairing sneakers with a dress for a casual look. For fall, I’m all about booties with dresses although I’m always weary of them cutting me off and making me look even shorter than I am. I typically opt for lower cut ankle booties or lighter colored booties in some of my favorite neutrals like white, pink or nude. I just picked these champagne-colored booties up and I can’t get enough of them.

4. Retiring your favorite summer pieces: I’m all about transitioning summer pieces into fall. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t wear your favorite dress anymore because it’s from summer. Just add layers and textures to bring in fall.

5. Wearing your clothes the “correct” way: I love coming up with new ways to wear pieces. I almost always pull my boxy sweaters off the shoulder (even if they aren’t meant to be) and I love wearing my moto jackets like capes as we transition between seasons. I know it drives people nuts, but it really does make sense if you’re wearing a coat in transitional weather. It’s much cooler (temperature wise) to wear a coat draped over your shoulders than to pull it on entirely.

6. Switching to heavyweight materials: Again it’s all about adapting in between seasons. Lately it’s felt like summer one day and fall the next so I don’t feel obligated to switch over to fall materials yet. In fact some summery fabrics look great all season long – like silk, chiffon and cotton for layering.

7. Avoiding light-colored footwear: Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you can’t wear light-colored footwear. It’s probably good to avoid on rainy days of course, but I love the juxtaposition of lighter footwear with darker outfits. And white boots are everywhere this season so don’t be afraid to give them a try!

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

STYLESTALKER White Dress (wearing an XS)
KENDALL + KYLIE Satin Booties (runs TTS)
Gucci Dionysus Mini Bag
Cotton On Biker Jacket (wearing an XS)

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