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Under $100/ Fashion / 25 Jan, 2018

How To Make Any Winter Outfit Cool


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a herschel beanie and a gucci dionysus bag

Yesterday I talked about how I go about styling a winter outfit (see that post here), but today I want to talk about how to make any outfit feel cool. I’m all about that effortless street style vibe so I’m always looking to take my outfit up a notch with a cool piece. Street style is hard to define, but you instantly recognize it when you see it – it’s that effortless, cool, model-off-duty vibe. Given winter is the layering season, it’s actually not too hard to add a cool factor to every outfit. Here are my tricks for upping the cool factor:

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing celine sunglasses and a gucci dionysus

1. Add A Beanie

I love logo beanies and often shop in the men’s section for them. This beanie has been my go-to since last year. Whenever I wear it so many of you ask where to get it!

mia mia mine with golden retriever puppy and a gucci dionysus bag mia mia mine in a snowy field wearing a winter outfit from shopbop

2. Reach For Distressed Denim

Ok, I wear distressed denim just about every day so this is nothing new, but distressed denim always feels a little cooler than cleaned up denim. They have to be the right kind of distressed denim though – nothing over-the-top or like you’re trying too hard. I love denim with busted knees and not much else. I always buy my petite denim here – it’s the fashion blogger’s secret go-to place for affordable denim in all sizes. This is my favorite pair of black denim in my closet and it’s under $50!

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a gucci dionysus bag fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a herschel beanie and a black bodysuit from revolve mia mia mine wearing a black beanie and green biker jacket from nordstrom

3. Go With All Black

Black is the chicest choice…always! Ever wonder why so many fashion stylists wear all black? Because it’s easy, chic and affordable. You can wear all black from even the most affordable brands and no one would be the wiser. Whenever I feel like I have nothing to wear, I go with all black which provides the perfect monochromatic palette – always a chic option. I just bought this edgy cutout bodysuit (under $50) and it reminded me how much I love bodysuits. I’ll be honest, they aren’t always my first choice in my closet because I always associate them with being more time consuming, but most bodysuits now have the button closure at the bottom so they’re super easy to get on and off – and they’re incredibly slimming.

mia mia mine wearing a gucci dionysus bag and asos black denim fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a winter outfit from shopbop fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a herschel beanie and a black bodysuit in the snow

4. Throw On A Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags always feel so effortless. There’s nothing cooler than an outfit that feels like you can go anywhere in. I love this mini bag that can be worn as a crossbody (I’m 5’2″ for reference). It’s one of my favorite bags in my closet because the material is super durable and never looks dirty. I bring it anywhere that I know my bag could be on the ground (concerts, movies, etc.) I love the edgy hardware chain too – it makes any outfit feel cooler!

mia mia mine with golden retriever puppy in the snow

5. Layer On An Edgy Jacket

By now you probably know that I’m obsessed with biker jackets in the winter. They’re the leather moto jacket equivalent for colder weather. This olive jacket is from Topshop and I bought it last year so it’s no longer available, but I found an almost identical one here. I actually didn’t realize how similar it was until I ordered it and compared it side-by-side with this one. A moto jacket is the coolest kind of jacket for winter.

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

Similar Shearling Olive Jacket (also here)
Black Cutout Bodysuit (wearing an XS)
Black Skinny Denim (my favorite pair! wearing a 24)
Black Pom Beanie
Gucci Mini Dionysus Bag
Flat Top Sunglasses (on sale now)
Black Velvet Booties
Lace Bralette

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