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The Wedding Registry Pieces We’ve Used Most


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With wedding season officially here, I’m kicking off a new series all about registry planning for brides-to-be and wedding guest attire – two topics I get asked about most this time of year. While Phil and I got married almost four years ago, we recently went through a kitchen and three bathroom renovations – which led us to clean out and replace a lot of the items throughout our house. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit searching for new bed and bath linens and kitchenware over the last several months. So when Macy’s reached out and asked if I wanted to promote their wedding registry, I was eager to hop on board to share the pieces that we’ve actually used from our registry and those that I wish we would’ve registered for – especially since most of the registry gifts we received were from there.

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Today I’m sharing the pieces from our wedding registry that we’ve used most. Creating a registry can be really stressful with so many items to choose from. Phil and I lived together for a number of years before we actually got married so we had accumulated quite a bit of essentials that we weren’t sure we needed to replace. We ended up registering mostly for home basics like dishes, glassware, towels and sheets. We’ve replaced quite a few of those things already having changed our decor and gone through a cross-country move. The pieces that have stuck around were kitchen essentials – dinnerware, glassware and serving dishes and surprisingly the majority of those pieces were from one retailer – Macy’s . We registered at a number of places, but I think people are most comfortable purchasing from a retailer they know well and they have been around long enough to know they have great quality and customer service. Their registry is also the easiest to navigate and with such a huge inventory you’re sure to find pieces that suit your taste and your guests’ budgets. Two of Macy’s exclusive brands that are perfect to register for are Hotel Collection and Martha Stewart Collection – both of which have luxe pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

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White dishes were definitely the smartest pieces we put on our registry. We wanted to stick with a neutral palette that would work in any color kitchen. My grandma and mom kept their dishes around for years so I knew I’d want something that would stand the test of time too. You can’t go wrong with white. This white dinnerware set from Martha Stewart Collection is the perfect shade of white (not too cool or too warm) and it’s pretty affordable, considering the quality.

Mia Mia Mine's Kitchen with White Martha Stewart Plates and Cake Stands

Some of the pieces I was most excited about adding to our registry were cake stands. I think they are so cute and practical (I bake more than I cook). This large dome cake stand, also from Martha Stewart Collection, works for most large round cakes and I love the scalloped detail.

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We have a pretty minimalistic approach when it comes to our kitchen. We like things neat, organized and Phil has a thing that everything needs to match so we registered for dinnerware and glassware sets.

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Glassware is a must in our kitchen. I have a bad habit of dropping wine and champagne glasses when I wash them so I don’t like to invest in super high-end glassware. This Martha Stewart Collection glassware has so many options to choose from that are not only stylish, but affordable too.

Fashion Blogger Mia Mia Mine in Kitchen with Golden Retriever Puppy

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