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5 Reasons Why I Buy Designer Handbags


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a burgundy sweater dress and black over-the-knee boots by stuart weitzman

Investment pieces, such as a designer bag, is something I often emphasize on my blog, and it’s because I believe a splurge-worthy piece can truly transform your wardrobe. Although the hefty price tag of a bag can be intimidating (even when it’s used), it oftentimes saves you money in the long haul. While I do carry budget-friendly options from time to time, I prefer to invest when it comes to styles I know will get plenty of usage for years to come. Naturally, designer handbags are more durable, make an outfit look more polished and expensive, and usually hold their value. And as a result, they’re totally worth the investment. If you’ve been debating your first splurge, I’m going to answer a popular question that will hopefully aid you in your decision – why I buy designer handbags.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a burgundy sweater dress and a camel coat fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a camel coat and a black fedora by rag & bone for fall 2018 fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a rag & bone hat and a burgundy sweater dress fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing stuart wetizman over-the-knee boots from nordstrom fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a camel coat and a prada bag

1. It creates a foundation for my wardrobe

A designer handbag is worth investing in because they are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. They can be mixed and matched with any outfit for any occasion. Whether I’m pairing them with sharper silhouettes or casual and trendy outfits, I manage to achieve a look that is polished but still approachable. I’ve always felt that the clothes you wear impacts how you feel, and a designer bag helps set the mood for the rest of my outfit. It is always a great confidence booster.


2. The quality elevates every outfit

One of the reasons why designer handbags are so expensive is that the quality is unparalleled. They’re constructed of the best materials from ornate clasps to hardware that never tarnishes. When combined with premium leather – or even exotic skins – a bag can end up very expensive. The quality structure and craftsmanship never fails to elevate an outfit. In my experience, I can usually carry the same designer handbag over and over, and the luxe quality can make H&M or Forever 21 feel high end.


3. They have great resale value

Designer handbags are called investment pieces for a reason – and that’s because they have great resale value. If you ever grow tired of a certain bag or just feel like you’re not making great use out of it anymore, you can always resell it on eBay, Poshmark, or to a consignment boutique like TheRealReal. You’ll get your money’s worth especially if it’s an exclusive piece – or is no longer being sold. A lot of times you’ll even see retail prices of a classic handbag increase over time. This usually happens with bags such as the Chanel Flap Bag and even the Louis Vuitton Neverfull totes.


4. The cost per wear is worthwhile

If you think about what your wardrobe is really costing you, you’ll find that it oftentimes makes more sense to buy designer pieces. For instance, by replacing a $50 bag every 3-6 months, you will eventually spend hundreds of dollars over your lifetime. However, if you buy a designer bag once, you’ll be able to carry it for the entirety of your life – and can even pass it down as a heirloom item. I prefer classic designer bags over statement ones, so that they can function for work, going out, travel, or just carried everyday. That makes the cost per wear worthwhile for me.


5. They are super durable

Before I began investing in my wardrobe, I spent many years carrying lower quality bags because I didn’t think I could afford nicer ones. However, I would always end up with threads getting loose and the seams would start to crack. They would eventually fall apart, and I’d have to buy another replacement. I have never had the same experience with a luxury piece. Regardless of how often I carry my designer handbags, they remain so durable and weather almost everything.


xo, Maria

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