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How To Keep Your Dog Entertained This Holiday Season


Fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retrievers opening the November Super Chewer Barkbox  With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start making lists for everyone special in your life – including your pets. We always buy our dogs Christmas presents mainly to keep them busy and out of our decorations and presents! Having toys on hand is the best way to ensure they don’t get bored and tear apart our house – which is especially true during the holiday season when there’s a lot more delicate Christmas decor around. When we’re out running errands, Phil and I often find ourselves visiting the pet section to look for new toys to keep them busy, but we always try to find two of the same toy and make sure it’s tough enough to stand rough play since our dogs are Golden Retrievers. It’s not always an easy task to find toys that are suitable for them. That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with Super Chewer today to share a convenient and exciting way to keep your dogs entertained this holiday season.

Mia Mia Mine's Golden Retriever Leo in reindeer antlers from the Super Chewer Barkboxfashion blogger mia mia mine reviewing the november super chewer barkbox deliveryfashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever leo and the super chewer barkbox Super Chewer is a monthly delivery of six tough and durable items curated in NYC  (a $50+ value) and starting at just $29 per month.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving since your dogs will receive a new box in the mail each month. It’s a great way to save on trips to the store for you too! I especially love that they include dog treats because it feels like we’re always running to the store for more. All of the Super Chewer box treats are free of soy, wheat, or corn and all meat is sourced in the USA and Canada. We use subscription services for dog food each month already so we can appreciate the convenience of having it delivered right to our front door!

Mia mia mine with golden retrievers Leo and LunaFashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retriever LeoNovember 2018's super chewer barkbox delivery This Super Chewer box is Grinch-themed and includes two of the following toys, two full bags of treats and two meaty chews:

– The Grinch’s Sleigh: made with durable natural rubber and a detailed texture for satisfying chewing.

– Grinch’s Contraptions: A Seuss-Themed Rope made with all-natural rubber “charms” and a super strong nylon centerpiece holding the rope and charms together.

– House of the Who’s Treat Dispenser: made with durable all natural rubber for long-lasting play. Stuff treats inside to keep your dog entertained longer with a tasty challenge. Tabs in chimney can be cut to customize difficulty level. Also, this toy is dishwasher safe (top rack only).

– Max’s Antler *BONUS ITEM*: made with an adjustable elastic band with easy on/off velcro attachment to make your dog look like Max for fun photo ops and play. Note: These “extras” are only added every few months and should not be expected in every box.

mia mia mine golden retriever leo chewing on a toy from the november super chewer barkboxMia mia mine opening the november super chewer barkbox deliverymia mia mine's golden retriever luna eating a treat from the Super Chewer Barkbox I have to admit the Super Chewer box isn’t just for the dogs it’s for dog owners too! We received ours last week and Luna and Leo have been entertained with the toys all day – which makes working from home a little easier! They love playing and fighting over the toys (even though we have two of everything)! This month, Super Chewer is currently offering a special Grinchy offer with the standard Super Chewer box containing two toys, two tasty full bags of treats, and two meaty chews. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your dogs or the fur babies of your loved ones. It would even be a great hostess gift for dog owners to keep their dogs entertained all night. Hosting a get-together and keeping the dogs out of everything can be quite the challenge!

xo, Maria

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