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The Smart Home Devices We Swear By


fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retrievers and the nest indoor cameraRunning a business can be quite a struggle for Phil and me, so integrating smart technology into our lives have made our daily routine easier and more efficient. We have been using the Nest Indoor Security Camera and Nest Hello devices, which we got from Macy’s for a while now, so I wanted to share more about it with you guys.

The devices have been life changers, helping us better manage our home while we’re in or out of the house, multi-task – and most importantly, giving us the peace of mind whenever we’re traveling. With wedding season coming up, both of these products would make a great addition to any wedding registry or gifts for newlyweds. Scroll ahead to find out how I use my Nest devices daily.

mia mia mine's golden retriever leo with nest indoor security camera

Nest Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Indoor Security Camera has been perfect for monitoring the activities of our two dogs when we’re gone all day. We actually use several of them to watch the dogs on different levels of our home. The Nest Camera is controlled with an app from your smartphone, making it super convenient. I love that you can speak commands to the app and anyone in the home can hear it through the Nest camera. Upon hearing any noise, such as a dog barking or someone talking, the device will send an intelligent alert to the app.

fashion blogger mia mia mine with nest indoor security camera

We’ve been using these cameras ever since our dogs were puppies to keep an eye on them, making sure they don’t chew up the house or need to go out. I even use it to talk to the dogs to wake them up when we’re on our way home or calm them down if they’re barking. It almost replaces a dog sitter when I’m not physically present. Since the camera is small and inconspicuous, you can set it up anywhere in your house – and it captures up to 30 days of 1080p video with continuous 24-7 recording.

 mia mia mine nest doorbell review

Nest Hello

The other product that has changed the way we live is the Nest Hello. This is a smart video doorbell that utilizes the same continuous recording method so you always know who is knocking at the door. While it alerts you if anyone strange comes to your doorstep, it can also detect the familiar faces of friends or family members. Plus, the speaker allows you to speak to your visitor without actually being at home.

fashion blogger mia mia mine with golden retrievers and the nest hello doorbellmia mia mine reviewing the nest doorbell

One of the reasons why Phil and I wanted the Nest Hello was because I would feel uneasy whenever he wasn’t around, especially once the sun went down. Not only that, but we also travel often and get packages delivered all the time. Since adding this camera, we’ve been able to monitor who’s at the door whenever the bell rings – and can even track when packages are delivered. This is so convenient because we’re able to have someone retrieve our packages if we plan on being away for a while.

mia mia mine with golden retriever leo and the nest doorbell

Overall, I highly recommend the Nest Indoor Security Camera and Nest Hello if you want a greater sense of security within your home. I think the Nest and Google products – which are now available at Macy’s would make great gifts for newlyweds who are moving into their first home together. If you’re a bride-to-be, when creating your wedding registry on Macy’s, be sure to add these Nest devices and other home technology items Macy’s offers!

xo, Maria

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