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5 Easy Monochromatic Outfit Ideas to Try


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a gray college bag and black louboutin heelsWe’re half-way through January and this is usually the time that I struggle most to stay inspired by my wardrobe. So, I wanted to share 5 chic and easy monochromatic outfit ideas you can try today. I don’t think there’s anything more chic than a monochromatic look. Plus, I love how it makes a statement but also works for the office. Whenever I’m struggling with what to wear, especially in the winter, I always reach for pieces in the same shade because it always looks pulled together yet effortless. It’s all about layering various hemlines, fabrics, and silhouettes that complement each other. If you’re ready to reinvent your wardrobe this winter, scroll down for 5 great colors to wear.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white teddy bear coat from H&M and a kyi kyi pom pom beanie from bloomingdale's

1. White

Although it can be challenging to keep white clothes clean, I love how refreshingly crisp it looks. When I’m shopping for white pieces in the wintertime, I always look for cozy textures with a mix of structured and slouchy silhouettes. The key to making an all-white outfit look more interesting is to vary the proportions of the pieces you’re wearing. For instance, pairing some high-waisted jeans with a cropped sweater and an oversized jacket. Throwing a beige or camel jacket over it always looks great too.


mia mia mine wearing a camel coat for black friday

2. Camel

It’s probably obvious that I love white; however, camel is my favorite neutral ever because it’s timeless and office appropriate. Since an all-camel look can come off too uniform-like, it’s important to play with textures and different shades to make it more natural. I love caramel shades mixed with ivory – or nudes mixed with cognacs. What’s great about camel is that you can also incorporate animal prints like snake skin and leopard to break up the look.


mia mia mine wearing a gray coat and gray levi's denim

3. Gray

Gray is another neutral that I love and wear often. One of the reasons why I wear it so much is because it makes for a stunning neutral backdrop that makes any accessory pop. Plus, it looks great on anyone regardless of what your skin or hair color is.


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a herschel beanie and a black bodysuit in the snow

4. Green

Green is a color that’s been growing on me this season, especially darker olive tones and military greens. I find this color perfect for edgier, street style looks. Some of my go-to olive green pieces are a duster coat and utility-inspired garments like a parka or bomber jacket.


fashion blogger mia mia mine in a burgundy sleeveless trench from nordstrom anniversary sale

5. Burgundy

If you love color, then trying a monochromatic look in a seasonal jewel tone like burgundy will be refreshingly bold. Since it’s a darker color, I prefer to wear structured pieces like a fitted sweater dress and a blazer or a vest (as seen here) – it looks so polished and sophisticated. My favorite way to break up a wine-toned look is with neutral accessories, such as a pair of white pumps or a color-block handbag.

xo, Maria

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