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27 Feb, 2019

A Typical Day In My Life As A Blogger


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white sofia vergara sweatshirt and black denim from walmartI’m often asked about what I do and how my day fares out as a fashion blogger especially after spending a decade in a more traditional office setting on Wall Street. I love running my own business, but the days can be just as demanding as my days working as a Stock Analyst. I have to admit that describing my average day can be tough since no day is exactly the same. Being a fashion blogger demands a lot of hard work but it’s also extremely rewarding and fun. I love that being able to do something different every day and being challenged creatively. What I appreciate most is the freedom I have with my time and being in charge of my schedule (for the most part). Between photoshoots, meetings, and pulling content together daily, it can get pretty stressful. To answer your most pressing questions about what it’s like to be a full-time blogger, I thought I’d take you guys through a typical day in my life.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a white sweatshirt from the sofia vergara lineSofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara Sweatshirt (under $30, wearing an XS) | Sofía Jeans by Sofía Black Jeans (under $30, wearing a 0)

A Typical Day In My Life

7:00 AM: Our alarms goes off (mine is always set 5 minutes before Phil’s). After snoozing for 10-15 minutes, we wake up to Leo barking for us to get up and play. I usually scroll and scroll through Instagram and check the daily news (the Daily Mail app is my go-to). Phil and I play with the dogs and then head downstairs to let them out. We have breakfast together every morning and chat about what we have going on that day.

7:30AM: After breakfast, I shower and then get ready while checking emails and scrolling through Instagram. I love to multitask while I do my hair and makeup. I’m often putting together a mental to-do list while I shower so as soon as I get out, I jot everything down in my notes on my phone.

9:00AM: Once I’m ready for the day, I head downstairs to our office where Phil is already working away. I usually spend the morning working on blog posts, sponsored content, and emails.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a striped top and white denim at homefashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a striped top and a givenchy bagSofía Jeans by Sofía Stripe Top (under $30, wearing an XS) | Sofía Jeans by Sofía White Jeans (under $30, wearing a 0)

12:00PM: Lunch time! We go through phases where we’ll eat at home for a week and then eat out for a week straight. If we’re eating at home, it’s usually deli chicken lettuce wraps and chips and salsa, otherwise Phil will usually run out and grab us Jimmy John’s, Potbelly, or Panera Bread sandwiches.

12:30PM: After lunch, I try to wrap up anything I was working on in the morning and then I start pulling together photoshoot concepts, styling looks, and placing online orders. These days, I’m finding myself ordering more and more pieces from more affordable stores. One retailer that I’ve been wearing affordable items from this winter is Walmart. The wide assortment of high and low brands allows me to style outfits that are on-trend and effortless.

This spring, I’ve been very into white and black denim and just picked up a few solid pieces from the new Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara collection sold exclusively at Walmart. I’m so impressed with how form-fitting and flattering the pieces are. I’m a huge fan of Sofía Vergara so when I heard she had a collection coming out, I couldn’t wait to check it out. I love that all of the pieces are affordable yet chic. Walmart has free 2-day shipping (and returns) on most orders over $35 and it includes the Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara collection!

1:30PM: On days when we’re shooting, I’ll start pulling together and styling looks in the afternoon. We typically shoot between one to three outfits. If we’re not shooting, I take advantage of this time to have business calls or work on longer-term projects. Lately, I’ve been finding myself spending time on a number of home projects that we are in the process of. More to come soon!

3:00PM: By three, we start heading out the door for a shoot since the sun is no longer as high and we’ll typically run into a bit of traffic. We like to shoot downtown St. Paul (which is about 15 minutes from our house) or around our neighborhood.

On this particular day, we decided to shoot two spring looks in our home office. Black and white jeans are my favorites to wear since they’re slimming and photograph well. Both outfits in today’s post are from the Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara line.

In the first look, I decided to style the black jeans with a casual open-back sweater, which I pulled off the shoulder for a more feminine appeal. For my second look, I wanted something that felt more spring appropriate. I personally think the best spring outfits involve stripes and white, so when I spotted this top for under $30, I couldn’t resist. It was the perfect match for these white jeans that feature a lace up design down the side. I decided to pair the look with minimalist heels to let it stand out.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a striped top and white denim from walmartfashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a black and white striped top and white denim from the sofia vergara line at walmart

5:30PM: Once we wrap shooting, we use this time to run any errands or grab groceries for dinner.

6:ooPM: We usually try to eat dinner by 6PM – and if we’re eating at home, it’s usually salmon, steak or chicken. However, if we’re out, we’ll usually just grab Happy Hour or an early dinner nearby.

7:00PM: Once we’re done with dinner, I edit photos, work on a blog post for the next day and my Instagram post for that night. Phil usually heads to the piano to rehearse for upcoming gigs – or he’ll work on emails and watch TV with me.

9:30PM: It’s time to post on Instagram. I use this time to browse on Instagram too since it usually gives me some inspiration and motivates me for upcoming content!

10:00PM: By this time, we usually head up to bed with the dogs and watch Netflix or TV for a bit. If we’re really into a series, we might stay up past midnight watching it, but I’m always the first to fall asleep.

11:00PM: Lights out!

xo, Maria

Outfit Details

Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara Sweatshirt
Sofía Jeans by Sofía Black Jeans
Sofía Jeans by Sofía Stripe Top
Sofía Jeans by Sofía White Jeans

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

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