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Easy Hairstyles You Can Recreate this Summer


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Hair styling definitely takes up a chunk of my morning routine, but I feel like hair is one of your best kept accessories for any outfit. So, I don’t mind taking those extra few minutes to perfect soft, natural waves – or just tossing it up into an effortless ponytail when I’m on the run. Most of you guys mistaken my thin, fine hair for thick, voluminous tresses, but it’s all in the styling. If I’m being honest, I struggled finding the right products for my hair for a long time. But after spending so many years experimenting with various products and techniques, I finally found a few styles that I love and are really simple to pull off. Today, I wanted to share some of those easy hairstyles along with a few tips for recreating them.


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Romantic Curls

My favorite hair style has to be soft romantic curls. The method I use actually doesn’t take up too much time and always manages to come out looking effortless and long-lasting! To prep the hair, I always apply a bit of heat protectant because heat styling can definitely dull and damage your mane when done consistently.

The tool I use is a 1-¼” curling iron and I find this barrel size is perfect for achieving those soft curls. When it comes to curling, I prefer the strands framing my face to be loose, with the curl starting lower at the jawline. I also curl my hair in 1″ sections, wrapping the bottom half  around the barrel and going away from the face. Hold it for 5-7 seconds or so then let go. I’ll continue with the same motion all around my head until my bottom layers are complete. Then, I’ll go in and add some loose curls to the top layers. To finish off the look, grab your favorite texturizing spray and apply liberally to your hair!


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Beachy Waves

I often achieve beachy waves just by simply having day 2 hair. For instance, after a fresh wash and blow out, I will style my hair into my signature romantic curls. By the next day, the curls will have fallen and are a lot looser, leaving me with much more relaxed hair. I’ll usually go in with a comb to brush everything out and apply some dry shampoo. What you’re left with is effortless, second-day beachy waves!

To create beachy waves with freshly washed hair, I’ll start by blasting my hair with a texturizing spray. For the curls, simply follow the same techniques as the romantic curls except use a bigger barrel curling iron and start the curls slightly higher. Once I’m done with my waves, I’ll add more texturizing spray in between the layers of my hair. Remember not to brush out or touch the curls until they’re cool.


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Low Bun

When I am in a rush or merely don’t feel like curling my hair, throwing my hair into a loose low bun is a life savior. All you need is a hair tie or a few clips. I prefer neutral colored ones so it blends seamlessly into my hair color. Simply pull your hair back into a soft pony tail that sits at the nape of your neck. If you have fine hair you might want to prep the hair with your favorite texturizing product. Then, twist it around the base until all of your hair is up. Secure with the hair tie or bobby pins. You can keep it sleek and smooth or pull some hairs for a messier look too.


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Tousled Ponytail

The tousled ponytail look is another easy style I like to do when I want an effortless yet feminine look. I’ll usually just curl the parts of my hair that need more volume and movement to then fasten everything back into a low pony. Sometimes I’ll leave some strands out of the ponytail to frame my face. I’ll also add some texturizing spray to parts of the ponytail and tease it for volume. Another hack to make your tousled ponytail more interesting is to take a little section of hair and wrap it around the pony tail until you are able to tuck the ends under the elastic. This hides the hair tie and elevates your ponytail.


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Sleek and Straight

I don’t often wear my hair smooth and straight, but I love how sophisticated it looks. You can wear it down or tied back into a sleek ponytail. I’ll start by applying some dry shampoo to create body and grit, then add a heat protectant (I love this one). Once that sets, I’ll go in with the flat iron, starting from the top of my hair and brushing down through the ends. I’ll finish of my rubbing some hair oil into the shaft. Remember not to turn the heat tool up too high otherwise you’ll really damage your hair over time.


xo, Maria

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