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My Louis Vuitton Travel Luggage Review


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The the holy grail travel item I have been eyeing for years was the timeless, iconic Louis Vuitton Pégase Légère 55. Since I have been traveling more frequently than I used to, I finally felt like it was an appropriate time to invest in a quality piece of luggage. I have gone through so many carry-ons that didn’t hold up that well through wear and tear, so I’ve always known that my next one would be a big purchase.

After much research, I went with this one for the size, durability, and structure. I have already traveled with this beauty a few times and brought it on my most recent trip to Florida. I finally felt like it was the right time to provide a full review on my Louis Vuitton travel luggage and let you guys know whether it’s worth the high price tag. Read on for my honest LV Pégase Légère 55 review.

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons why this item is so coveted for me and many others is because of the signature look and iconic LV quality. As a long time fan of Louis Vuitton, I have always appreciated the simplicity of the classic monogram design. Everything from the shape down to the contrasting tan vachetta leather trim is well thought-out and executed. Not only that but quality workmanship is evident throughout the entire piece. If design and aesthetic is a must for your travel needs, the Louis Vuitton Pégase Légère 55 says it all.

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In terms of size, the Pégase Légère 55 is 21.7 x 9.1 inches – just within the standard allowance for a carry on bag. Within the luggage, it has two zippered pockets and a large interior compartment with an additional zippered pocket. Personally, I found it can fit quite a lot when packed strategically. Given the size, it is also fairly lightweight, making it quite easy to travel with. I love that it comes with a dust bag, which is so important to me if I ever have to check it in. I’ve been lucky enough to not run into that yet.

It also comes with a padlock if you need that extra security and two spinner wheels making it easy to trot around the airport. I went with the classic monogram print, but it comes in four other patterns making this piece perfect for both guys and girls alike. If you often travel for work, I would recommend getting the Pégase luggage in the “Business” version, so you can have that extra compartment for a laptop.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a pink blazer from intermix

Collector’s Item

The Louis Vuitton Pégase luggage was certainly a splurge item and something I took with great consideration. It might sound crazy to spend such a high dollar value on a luggage, but as I’m sure you guys know, these pieces often retain their value and end up becoming a collector’s item years down the line. Some of my most worn handbags are the monogrammed Louis Vuitton ones and they continue to increase in price year over year. Overall, I am so happy with my purchase knowing it will be something I’ll continue to get a lot of use from.

xo, Maria

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