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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day


Summer always goes too quickly because it’s one of the seasons I enjoy most. From music festivals to vacations and weddings, my social calendar is constantly filled with something to do and there’s always an excuse to get dolled up. That being said, it’s also tricky to get your makeup to last through the steamy outdoor temperatures. I’ve definitely learned some tips and tricks to perfect my makeup game these past few years. Whether you’re into a fully made face or a natural, everyday look, scroll ahead for my top seven ways to make your makeup last all day.


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1. Start with smooth skin

While I don’t recommend exfoliating your skin the night before a major event, you should buff your skin out regularly. It helps clear out your pores so that anything you apply over your face glides right over and absorbs properly. I love using these sponges to buff away dry patches and dead skin cells twice a week.

2. Use a long-lasting primer

I always prep my face with a moisturizer then follow up with a primer. This creates a barrier over the skin, which allows makeup to stay put and last longer. I swear by Tatcha’s Silk Canvas Protective Primer because it blurs imperfections and improves the appearance of my pores. It is a little pricey but the mini version is an affordable way to test it out. Primers aren’t a “one size fits all” product, so I recommend finding one that’s suitable for your skin type.

3. Pick a long-wearing base

With foundation, I’m not a fan of masking out my entire complexion with foundation. I find that the Giorgio Armani foundation is perfect because it’s lightweight yet provides full-coverage and is extremely long wearing. You only need to apply a small amount and the finish is flawless but looks natural. I’m always shocked at how well it stays in place.

4. Layer your makeup

Whether you’re applying concealer, eyeshadow, or cheek products, it’s always best to start with light layers and then build on top of that. When I really need my makeup to last all day, I’ll start with cream and liquid textures and then finish with powder that way it has something to cling on to. For long-lasting lips, you can start with a lip liner then apply a liquid lipstick on top.

5. Powder up

Setting your makeup with powder is a great way to ensure your face stays put. Be sure to select a finely milled formula and focus it on the areas that tend to get oily, which is usually your T-zone. My favorite is the Laura Mercier Brightening Powder. I love the sheer coverage it provides, but it also brightens up the face and never settles into fine lines.

6. Always finish with a setting spray

When it’s super hot outside and you’re at your sweatiest, products and powder often aren’t enough to keep your makeup in place. However, finishing it off with a face mist is a proven way to lock everything into place. The Urban Decay facial mist always keeps my makeup looking fresh despite a long day.

7. Carry blotting sheets

Applying too much powder can end up looking heavy or cakey especially when the skin is damp. Keeping blotting sheets on hand is a great way to keep shininess at bay. If you don’t have blotting papers, paper towels can also be effective. Once you’re able to absorb the extra moisture and grease from your skin, you can apply a light dusting of powder.

xo, Maria

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