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The Best New Beauty Products To Know About This Month


mia mia mine at home featuring an aesop hand washAs the seasons change, so should the beauty products you use daily! Now that summer is almost upon us, you should rethink the formulations you’ll be using these next few months. I know it can be hard to keep up with the onslaught of items that launch daily. So, I wanted to highlight 12 new discoveries that are seasonally appropriate as we head into the summer season. Some of my picks below aren’t necessarily new but they’re new to me. For instance, the Dior Backstage Foundation and Concealer and Skin Design Face Tight Serum. I can only wish that I discovered them sooner! No matter what your beauty needs are, I think you’ll find something new that suits your needs below.


blogger mia mia mine using diptque do son perfume from ssense

I swore by Chanel Mademoiselle for years, but lately, I find myself reaching for my Diptyque Do Son over and over again. I first discovered it last fall and have been obsessed ever since. The mix of tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine is just heavenly.

I’ve also been loving this unconventional, slightly androgynous take on the rose scent. It’s meant to be a unisex fragrance and I think Byredo achieves that beautifully by layering Sichuan pepper with Damascus rose. Overall, it is very fresh and light, which feels just right for summer.

Dior’s Backstage Foundation has been one of Sephora’s hottest sellers and for good reason… It isn’t only easy to apply and blend out – but stays put throughout the most humid climates. I highly recommend it for the summer months, especially for those with oily/combination skin.

I’m always on the lookout for the next best concealer. So far, the Dior Backstage Concealer hasn’t failed to impress. One of my favorite things about this product is the brush tip applicator. It’s really gentle under the eyes and spreads out the product well. I also found it to be buildable without caking or creasing.

If you’re looking for a high-impact mascara that delivers the look of false lashes, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It’s ultra black, buildable and, best of all, paraben free (which tends to be tricky with higher end cosmetics). 

As I get older, I’ve become more interested in makeup-skincare hybrids. That’s how I came across this new Hydrating Skin Tint Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid. It’s perfect for everyday when you want a lightweight, hydrating base that gives you a fresh, dewy complexion.

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Every skincare enthusiast knows that Noble Panacea sets the bar for tech-powered skincare. Its products are typically packaged into individual single-use packets to maintain maximum potency. I can’t wait to see the results of this eye serum. I could really use the illuminating effects!

Here’s a pro-repair, pro-collagen serum you need to try if anti-aging is a priority. This product features collagen-supporting peptides and hyaluronic acid, so you can have your best skin possible.

I’ve heard so many incredible things about this brand – and this serum in particular. It’s pricey but is formulated with all kinds of insane technology so you get faster visible results. Now’s your chance to save 20% off at SSENSE.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that Tan-Luxe has been a long-time favorite of mine. I’m ready to introduce a body serum into my routine and this one immediately caught my attention with its blend of hyaluronic acids, superfoods, and DHA.

Here’s another self-tanning skincare product worth adding to your cart. I love that it provides plumping and brightening effects all the while tanning your skin gradually. It’s so easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine.

SPF is crucial year-round but especially in the summer when the sun is most intense. If you’re looking for a great product to use daily or underneath your makeup, this product is wonderful. It’s weightless and won’t make you greasy as the day wears on.

xo, Maria

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