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My Honest Review of the Chloe Woody Tote


fashion blogger wearing a mango coatigan and new balance 327 sneakersWhen it comes to designer handbags, my wish list might seem endless. But in reality, picking a bag to invest in takes a lot of time and consideration – which is why it took me so long to jump on the Chloe Woody Tote. This iconic bag rose to cult status within months of launching and it’s since become one of the most recognizable totes in the fashion world. Although seemingly basic and simple in design, this bag is one of the most underrated accessories in my wardrobe. Its usability can’t be beat since it’s so easy to carry everywhere whether you’re off to work, the gym or on an airplane. I purchased the bag earlier this spring and have gotten so much use out of it. I figured now would be the right time to finally answer all your questions.

Keep scrolling for my honest review of the Chloe Woody Tote and my answers to the most frequently asked questions…


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What Size Should I Buy? How Much Does It Hold?

The Chloe Woody Tote comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. I knew instantly that the small one wouldn’t be right for me since I wanted something that could hold more than the necessities. In the end, I opted for the large size because I liked that it could easily hold my laptop – and more, if needed. For reference, the medium size measures 11″ x 14.2″ x 4.7″ whereas the large one measures 13″ x 17.5″ x 5.2″. While both options are spacious and ideal for everyday, picking between the medium and large will ultimately come down to how you intend on using it. If you like being able to throw everything in one bag, especially when you’re traveling or working, the larger size will be a better fit.

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Does It Get Dirty Easily?

Unlike traditional designer bags, this one is constructed using a heavy-duty, durable linen-canvas material that’s been treated with a water-repellent solution. I have to admit that one of my biggest concerns was whether or not it would stain with regular use. To my surprise, even though I’ve used it many times throughout the past few months, there are no visible signs of wear. I also don’t feel the need to baby the bag in order to prevent that either. The brand does recommend consumers to avoid rubbing the material against contrasting colors, such as dark denim. But since I tend to wear light and medium denim washes, I haven’t had any personal experience with that. 

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Does It Hold Its Shape?

While this bag does maintain its shape, it won’t stand on its own, especially if you don’t have many things inside of it. Since I’m big on organization and usually have my tote filled, it’s not as much of a nuisance to me. This would be something to consider if you’re expecting a structured tote that doesn’t need to lean on something to stand.

fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a chloe woody tote for fall

Can You Wear It In The Fall/Winter?

The Woody Tote reads more of a summer bag given the neutral-colored, linen-canvas material. However, Chloe has released several fall and winter-ready options that come in shearling, leather and darker felt materials. That’s not to say that the classic Chloe Woody Tote can’t be worn during the colder seasons though. I think this bag is truly seasonless and can look flawless against fall and winter fits. I styled mine with a camel coatigan and hoodie (above) and it still looks relevant. The fact that the bag combines different textures into one piece makes it super easy to wear all year long.

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Would I Buy It Again?

I couldn’t be happier with the Chloe Woody Tote and look forward to carrying it through the busy holiday season. It’s not only roomy and light but extremely comfortable to carry thanks to the thicker straps. The price is also incredibly hard to beat with the large ringing in at $1,250 and medium at $1,050. Finding a large designer bag at this price point is nearly impossible these days so you really get the best bang for your buck. And when you factor in how much you’ll use it, the cost-per-wear is better than other options on the market. Overall, if you haven’t found that trusty tote, this one is worth adding to your rotation.

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xo, Maria

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