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Answering All Your Pregnancy Questions


fashion blogger mia mia mine wearing a maternity dress from amazonIf you missed it, I shared on Instagram a month ago that we are finally expecting! We are thrilled to share this exciting chapter of our lives with you! And as we embark on this journey, I’ll be sharing more updates, including the gender reveal and more maternity outfits, so be sure to follow along on Instagram for all the latest news. While I have this Q&A saved to a highlight on IG, I wanted to create a more permanent place for those who wish to reference back to my pregnancy journey. Keep scrolling to learn more about our infertility story and where I’ve been shopping!

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How old are you & how long did it take to get pregnant?

I’m 37, and this is my second pregnancy. We lost our first baby five years ago and have faced unexplained infertility since then.

Was it IVF?

No, but we had planned to start IVF the same month I found out I was pregnant!

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How many kids do you want?

We hope to have two children, so we will probably start trying again shortly after this one.

Can you share your infertility story?

I was 32 when I first got pregnant naturally, but unfortunately, I had a missed miscarriage. My body continued to think I was pregnant for a month after I miscarried, which required surgery. We took a break and then started trying again without success. We tried fertility drugs and were eventually referred to an IVF clinic, where we completed all the necessary tests and blood work. It never felt like the right time to proceed, so we kept trying naturally, season after season, for years. Despite the challenges, I never lost hope. I was ready to begin IVF in January, but then we found out we were pregnant naturally, which was a complete surprise!

So many of you girls have reached out about your own infertility story and it definitely resonates. I think it’s so important to do what feels right for you and your partner. There are many paths to becoming a mother, and I truly believe you’re never too old to start a family.

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Did you do anything different this time?

I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins for years. This time, I worried less about whether I was doing everything perfectly. I tried various diets and eliminated things I thought might affect my fertility, but nothing ever seemed to work. We got pregnant during our busiest and most stressful work month when my diet wasn’t the best. I didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant, but it happened! Once we found out, I eliminated caffeine and avoided OTC medications, which I hadn’t fully done the first time I was pregnant.

Do you have morning sickness or cravings?

Morning sickness was really tough, especially during the first trimester. The only foods I could keep down were bland options like pizza, bagels, and pasta – things I usually eat in moderation. But I also ate a lot of salads, carrots, and watermelon, and kept candy on hand to help with nausea. Once I reached the second trimester, I was able to return to a healthier diet.

Where are you buying maternity clothes?

I’ve been living in stretchy jumpsuits and knit dresses, sizing up where necessary, especially in bottoms. I’ve found a lot of great options on Amazon, Abercrombie, and more affordable brands from Nordstrom and Shopbop. You can check out some of my maternity looks HERE and HERE.


xo, Maria

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