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My Top Amazon Beauty Favorites


mia mia mine wearing a lace dress from shopbop It’s probably obvious now that I shop on Amazon quite a bit – not just for home goods but even for some of my most-used beauty products. From premier beauty brands to more affordable options, there’s always something on my list to shop for. But with so many brands and unique products on the market making hefty claims, it can be difficult to decide what you actually need. I sometimes like to try brands that aren’t often spoken about online and have had quite a bit of luck finding so many hidden gems on Amazon. Most of these are products that I’ve never even heard of – or seen stocked at the retailers I typically shop at. So, I wanted to finally share my top Amazon beauty favorites with you guys today. Read on to find out what they are.

mia mia mine using a contour palette


Hair Perfector

I'm constantly raving about this product because it's made such a big difference in my hair. If you lighten your hair, this one is a must.
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The Honest Company

All Purpose Balm

Winter often leaves me with super irritated skin so I love this balm for soothing even the most roughest patches. It's so comforting and nourishing.
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Nipple Covers

If you're looking for nipple covers that are seamless, I swear by these silicone ones whenever I'm wearing backless or strapless outfits. They're so easy to wear - and are virtually invisible.
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Skin Food

This is one of my signature moisturizers for dry, rough skin. Not only is it so affordable, but it's safe for nearly every part of the face and body - and always leaves me with a healthy glow.
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Dr. Jim Ellis

Electric Toothbrush

If you're on the hunt for an affordable sonic electric toothbrush, this is one of the best options out there. For less than $30, your teeth will instantly feel cleaner and fresher.
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Oral Rinse

My daily oral care routine isn't complete without this rinse. It's alcohol-free so it doesn't burn or sting, making it easy to use every day. I also feel like it keeps my mouth feeling fresh longer than other leading brands.
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Facial Hair Trimmer

For ultra soft, smooth skin, this facial hair trimmer will help you get rid of any peach fuzz and unwanted hair. The blades are sharp and remove hair painlessly.
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Curling Iron

This is my go-to curling iron for getting soft romantic curls that last all day. It's made with nano titanium, which styles the hair at high heat temperatures yet does minimal damage.
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Curling Iron Cover

A cover for your heat tools is great for travel since you don't have to wait for your tools to cool down before packing them away. They're also great for keeping your irons clean at home.
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Portable Makeup Case

Packing beauty products for any trip is always a big challenge for me. This portable case allows me to keep all my essentials together, including makeup brushes and sponges. You can pick from 3 different sizes and 4 colors.
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xo, Maria

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