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My Best Closet Organization Tips


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As Phil and I were working on a series of home renovation projects last year, I realized that one of the things I struggled with most was finding a place for everything in my closet. I spent so much time on Pinterest and rearranging pieces here and there. Although it was a big effort, I feel like it’s really paid off. An organized closet makes everything so much easier to find. Whether I’m in need of my favorite blue jeans or a casual button down, I always know where to look now. Since we are making our way into spring, I wanted to share some of my best closet organization tips to help you guys declutter this season. I’ve been refreshing some of the nooks around my office and closet, and it’s definitely made me feel more inspired when getting dressed. If you’re ready to get organized, keep reading!


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Maximize your storage options

There are several storage solutions that I swear by, which I feel aren’t often utilized to full potential. Storage solutions can be a huge game changer since they allow you to compartmentalize your space and group like items together. Not only that but they give you better visibility to your clothes and accessories. For me, this translates into getting more wear from the pieces in my wardrobe. Here are some of the storage products I use:

Shelves – I mostly use shelves to store the low-maintenance pieces that I want to be visible. For instance, shoes and bags since they require no folding. I don’t have a lot of time to sort and fold clothes on a regular basis, so it makes more sense to hang them in the closet or toss them into drawers. Bags and shoes, however, just need to be wiped down from time to time. I love how decorative they look displayed on shelves.

Boxes – Boxes are great for tucking away miscellaneous items you don’t want sitting out – or only use seasonally. I’ll often pull bulky seasonal items out of the closet since they take up so much space. I’ll sometimes display my smaller boxes, especially if it’s an eye-catching designer one.

Storage Baskets and Bins – Fabric, basket, and plastic bins come in so handy. They’re big enough to hold multiple small items yet small enough prevent an area from getting cluttered. You can stack them on shelves – or even on top of each other depending on the type of bin.

Drawers – I love using drawers to keep my accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, watches, etc) out of sight and protected. They’re also great for putting away items that don’t require visibility such as lingerie, socks, and similar pieces.


Group like items together

Getting dressed is so much easier when you group like items together. This also makes it easier to maintain since you know exactly where something belongs. One of the best benefits to organizing your closet by category is that you can easily take inventory of what you own. This helps you see what you have too much of and what may be missing from your wardrobe. Denim is a huge weakness for me. Once I started stacking my jeans by color, I realized how much of a denim hoarder I am. This definitely made me more mindful about my denim purchases.

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Color code what you can

Organizing your clothes by color can be a tedious process, but I always love how easy it is to retrieve what you want whenever you need it. I’m a visual person, so it’s essential to arrange my closet by item, then by color. This helps me coordinate different outfits much quicker. If you own a lot of printed garments, place it with the color that’s the most visible.


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Use your favorite pieces as decoration

I love dedicating shelf space outside my closet to my favorite designer handbags and shoes. Keeping them somewhere visible reminds me to change out my bags more often. If you have the space, leaving a clothing rack out with your favorite clothes and accessories can also serve as decor. I also love decorative pieces that function as storage, such as this mannequin. It looks great standing alone – or holding your favorite accessories. I keep mine adorned with a chunky, statement necklace.


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Use coordinating hangers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your closet look organized is to use coordinating hangers. I’m a fan of velvet hangers since they take up less space than wooden hangers. They also offer non-slip grip so I don’t have to worry about my clothes falling off. I like to keep all of my hanging items facing the same direction so it looks neater.


xo, Maria

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